Quick Tips To Protect Your Physical And Virtual Servers

Quick Tips To Protect Your Physical And Virtual Servers

73% of firms experienced a Ransomware assault in 2022, according to Tech. Co. Ransomware is only one of the numerous unanticipated events that businesses encounter.

Because of this, you must securely protect your physical and virtual servers so that your company can continue to run in the event of an incident.

Guide To Protect Your Physical And Virtual Servers

1. Press “Instant Recovery.”

In order to make it simpler for organizations to stay protected, Quorum has further improved our product to fully support both physical and virtual servers while preserving the simplicity and convenience of use that have come to be synonymous with Quorum: Instant Recovery in one click.

For about 15 years, Quorum has been a pioneer in offering Ransomware Protection and DR support for physical and virtual servers. Recently, however, we have increased the quality of our support for VMware virtual servers. 

In order to backup and restore VMware environments, Quorum now makes full use of native VMware tools.

2. Never Had A Ransomware Infection

We continue to offer all the capabilities that allow Quorum to claim that our product has never been compromised by ransomware, in addition to safeguarding VMware.

  • End-to-end encryption when at rest and while moving
  • Maintain unchangeable backups that lock down photos after they are captured.
  • Cloud copy creates a physical barrier between your data and the common target of assaults.
  • a number of different factors

3. Easy VMware Protection

vCenter is used by our VMware Integrated Protection (VIP) to control how we back up each of the virtual machines. In order to rapidly and simply connect the backups to a VM host and restore your environment, we store them as VDMKs.   We will release a new policy engine in the upcoming month to further develop our present platform.

4. Plans For Server Protection That Can Be Customized

We offer a variety of solutions for you to tailor your protection, regardless of whether your server environment is real, virtual, or both. Our Direct-to-Cloud approach is the simplest. You can establish a direct connection to our private cloud using only a VPN device.

In the event of a crisis, we spin up your environment from the cloud, allowing you to keep running your business while the disaster or ransomware is fixed. Our local appliance (HA) is an additional choice.

This can be used in conjunction with a second appliance (DR) to provide you with the replication needed to follow the 3-2-1 technique advised by experts in disaster recovery.

With a DR design, you may also increase your coverage by having each appliance replicate its sister appliance and give local support; yes, each box can function as both a HA and DR at the same time. The option to duplicate the data on the HA onto our private cloud is the last one.


Q.1: Can I trust the decryption tools that hackers provide?

It is not advised. Your security may be further jeopardized if you pay the ransom or use the attack tools offered by the attackers. seek qualified assistance instead.

Q.2: What actions should I take if I get an email with ransomware?

1. It’s best to avoid clicking on or opening any attachments or links in emails that seem suspicious and contain attachments.

2. Ignore the email right away. Avoid communicating with the sender.

Q.3: Is data recovery feasible without paying the ransom?

Security professionals can occasionally unlock ransomware-locked files without requiring payment. Prevention and backup are still your best bets because there are no assurances.

Q.4: How often should I update my antivirus software, on average?

Set your antivirus program up to receive automatic updates. You’ll always be protected against new dangers in this manner.

Q.5: What distinguishes local backups from cloud backups?

Local backups are stored on actual hardware like external hard drives, while cloud backups are stored on distant servers. Cloud backups provide additional security against natural calamities.

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