3 Reasons Smoking CBD is More Effective Than Ingesting CBD

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If you’ve ever taken a CBD product only to be disappointed that it didn’t work, you’re not alone. There’s a divide in anecdotal reports regarding CBD: some people say it works wonders, while others don’t feel relief at all. The problem isn’t the CBD, however. There are a variety of reasons CBD may not work for everyone. Although, smoking CBD seems to be the most effective across the board.

While some people get pure CBD crystals to smoke, the majority of people who smoke CBD use hemp-derived CBD cigarettes. CBD cigarettes are made just like tobacco cigarettes but contain smokable hemp instead of tobacco. Most manufacturers use hemp strains high in CBD to deliver the maximum possible benefits.

If you’re wondering why CBD is more effective when smoked, the answer might vary slightly between individuals. However, there are 3 main reasons smoking CBD is more effective than ingesting CBD.

1. Your Lungs Absorb CBD into the Bloodstream nearly Instantly

The main difference between ingesting and smoking CBD is the time it takes to get into your bloodstream. When you ingest CBD, you won’t feel the effects for several hours. With ingestion, the CBD you consume has to go through the digestive process. Once digested, some of the efficacy is lost.

When you smoke CBD, it goes directly into your bloodstream seconds after your first inhale. You’ll usually start feeling the effects within ten seconds to a minute. If you continue to smoke and take more hits, you’ll increase the effects immediately.

If you’re looking for immediate relief, just like smoking THC, smoking CBD will provide you with relief much faster.


2. Smoking pure CBD delivers more milligrams of CBD

One of the most unfortunate aspects of CBD supplements is the low amount of CBD per serving. Granted, you can always increase the number of capsules or droppers you consume, but then your product disappears faster and you end up spending 2-3 times as much money.

There are high-end CBD products that contain 10mg of CBD per serving, but it’s rare to find capsules, oils, or tinctures with a higher amount of CBD per serving. On the other hand, when you smoke pure CBD, you’re getting far more than 10mg.

If you’re in serious pain and need to use CBD to relieve that pain, smoking it will deliver more milligrams much faster. In case you’re wondering if it’s safe to consume more than 10mg of CBD per day, studies show the answer is yes. A clinical trial published in 2019 showed that individuals taking 3,000mg of CBD per day experienced only a small amount of mild adverse reactions.

Although a clinical trial is a good starting point for gauging how a big dose of CBD might affect you, you should always consult your healthcare provider before consuming anything. THC and CBD do interact with certain medications and there are known contraindications.


3. Smokable CBD can replace your nicotine habit

Ingesting CBD capsules or oils every morning won’t stand a chance at replacing the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. If you enjoy the act of taking a break to smoke, swallowing a capsule won’t help.

While smoking CBD cigarettes isn’t an officially recognized way to quit smoking, many people have found that smoking hemp cigarettes slowly replaces their need for tobacco cigarettes. Imagine that every time you take a break to smoke a cigarette, you smoke hemp instead of tobacco. You’ll still get to go out on your breaks and smoke, but you’ll be smoking something slightly better for your health.

If you’re trying to quit smoking, try replacing your nicotine habit with hemp cigarettes. You might find that smoking CBD gives you a greater sense of calm and you might not miss your tobacco after a while.

If you’re into vaping, you might find hemp cigarettes to be a better replacement. Vaping isn’t as safe as you might think. You’re not getting as many chemicals as tobacco cigarettes, but there are documented injuries and deaths associated with vaping involving collapsed lungs. Plus, vaping still contains nicotine, which is highly addictive.

When you need relief fast, smoking CBD is the best delivery method

Are you using CBD for pain relief, migraine control, or stress relief? Whether you smoke hemp cigarettes or pure CBD, smoking CBD will give you the fastest relief.

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