5 Reasons to Keep Using Print Marketing

Print Marketing
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The reasons to keep using print marketing are endless. The advantages of using this marketing strategy are numerous and the benefits far outweigh the costs. First of all, with print marketing, you have a wide range of potential customers.

If you have a product or service that caters to a particular group of people, such as the senior citizens in your company’s community or those in the military, you can target these groups specifically through your print marketing efforts.

You will be able to communicate directly with them, something that you cannot do when you are marketing online. Print Marketing can also help your company by expanding your customer base, especially if you decide to launch fundraisers.


1. Cost-Effectiveness

Print Marketing is an effective strategy because it’s low cost and has a high return on investment. On the other hand, the ROI for many forms of advertising are limited. However, if you compare the cost of online advertising, pay per click and banner ads, you will quickly see that print marketing offers a high return on investment.

This is because it has a very high return on your advertising investment and the time spent marketing is not lost as often.


2. Focus on Your Customers

With print marketing, you can easily identify with your customers and tailor your communications to their needs.

For instance, when you send a brochure about a new service or product in your business location, you can tell who you want to reach and how you want to reach them? Depending on whom you sent the brochure to, you may receive a different response.

But with print marketing, you know exactly who you want to target and the type of response you want. Your communications will always be targeted toward that group of customers.


3. Helping in Establishing Your Brand

When you use print marketing, your company can easily establish your brand within your industry. Since you are using this form of advertisement, you will gain the respect and credibility of your customers.

For instance, if your business has branched into other areas, such as health, nutritional supplements, personal care, etc., then you can target your efforts accordingly. You can create a brochure that targets those customers with specific concerns, such as hair loss or a dry scalp.

By using print marketing, you will gain more credibility and be able to reach more customers within your industry.

Print marketing is also a great way to keep your brand consistent no matter where it is printed. If your business is distributed by means of regular mail, then your marketing message should still be focused in the local community.

But if you decide to use your website as the medium to advertise your business, you can easily highlight your website’s benefits and features without neglecting to distribute your brochures within the local community.

It is important to remember that print marketing works the best in conjunction with other forms of marketing your company, such as radio and television advertisements.


4. Creating a Buzz

Furthermore, this form of advertising is a great opportunity to generate buzz about your business. For example, if you are distributing a new health product for cancer patients, you can use an annual print calendar to feature special offers, new services, and a message encouraging customers to sign up for your newsletter.

This technique can be used with other marketing campaigns, such as an annual sales event or a campaign that introduces a new product. This kind of print advertising allows you to promote a variety of different products without promoting your business at all.

For example, you could mail announcements regarding a garden party for cancer survivors, while promoting your own business.


5. Improve your Company Image

Print marketing is also an excellent way to improve your company image or to build customer loyalty. When creating your brochure, always include a slogan that is clear, easy to understand, and interesting. It is important to remember that printed advertising is only effective if customers are aware of it; therefore, try to find creative ways to get your name out there without focusing on the promotion aspect. For example, you might distribute a brochure containing a number of coupons for various local businesses, such as your own.


Final Thought:

Print marketing tools are an inexpensive and effective way to promote your business in an effort to increase awareness and to gain new customers. However, if you do not carefully select the pieces that you use, you may be wasting your money. For example, if you are using a calendar with pictures of your products, you should ask your photographer to include other images that would be more visually appealing to potential customers.

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