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If you have suddenly removed important files from your external Mac hard drive, you must be feeling desperate. Everybody knows that sometimes, restoring the needed information can take a lot of time and effort. In the worst cases, the restoration is impossible at all.

That’s why it is crucial to be aware of possible ways to recover formatted hard drive on Mac. Do you know those steps to recover files from an external hard drive on Mac safely? What about checking the most useful of them?

1. Trash Bin Can Still Have Your Files

The easiest and the most reliable option is to check whether the trash bin still has them, these crucial files. Then, even Mac formatted hard drive recovery will not be needed. Open the trash bin and check whether you see the names of the needed files. If they are there, just select them and return to their initial place by pushing a “Put Back” button.


2. Recovery From A Backup Copy

Most users prefer to use it, a backup service or rather a tool called Time Machine. If this option is activated by you, most of the formats can be saved effortlessly. In order to recover files from an external hard drive in Mac, check whether they are backed up. If yes, retrieve them from a backup copy for the needed period.


3. Use A Special Software


However, if all the efforts to recover data from formatted hard drive on Mac ended in disappointment, it is time to download special software. If your aim is to receive back your files on a formatted hard drive on Mac, apply Disk Drill, one of the most efficient software out there to restore formatted hard drive on Mac. There is absolutely no need to be an expert to use this tool. Just follow the instruction:

  • Get the free version of the tool;
  • Attach the external device;
  • Run the tool and do the device scanning;
  • The tool will compile for you a list of recoverable files, select those that are needed if you can identify them. If not, recover all the files that are available;
  • Select a location for the fixed files. Important note: don’t select the folder where they were initially stored. They will be overwritten and, hence, lost forever;
  • Get the files back.

Don’t ask why it is recommended to try to recover data from a formatted hard drive on Mac by using this particular tool. Once you try the tool you will understand what benefits it offers to its users. The most evident of them are:

  • The tool is free, up to some extent, of course;
  • The software can be easily used even by non-specialists;
  • The number of file formats that the tool knows is more than 400, practically all the formats are covered!

Are there any prerequisites needed to start the tool and make it work properly? Well, they are rather standard ones. The hard drive needs to be listed among the available sources for scanning when you start Disk Drill. If it is not the case, reconnect the drive.

Disk Drill doesn’t modify the system in any way. This tool looks for the files, even at a partition level, to make sure you get your data back in a form that allows you to use it.


Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

Don’t hesitate to apply this tool for whatever files you need to save. Complex video formats? Of course, they can be managed! Photos taken by a professional camera? It is not a problem at all. With Disk Drill, anything is possible.

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