Replacire Shreds with New Single “The Helix Unravels”

Replacire Shreds with New Single The Helix Unravels
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Get ready for some headbanging! Boston’s own tech-death metal outfit Replacire is back with a vengeance, unleashing their new single “The Helix Unravels.” This crushing track is the latest taste of their upcoming album, “The Center That Cannot Hold,” due out on June 21st, 2024, via Season of Mist productions.

Fans of the band will be thrilled to hear Replacire hasn’t lost their touch. “The Helix Unravels” is a whirlwind of tight musicianship and brutal intensity. The song’s origins date back to 2017, with the opening riff a constant presence in guitarist Eric Alper’s mind even as the band rode the high of their first headlining tour.

However, the road to releasing “The Helix Unravels” wasn’t all smooth sailing. The global pandemic threw a wrench into the band’s plans, just as they were about to enter the studio in March 2020. The music industry went into a tailspin, and Replacire wasn’t spared.

“It was a tough time for us,” says Alper. “To keep things afloat, we had to sell our tour van and even move out of our practice space. It felt like everything we’d built was crumbling around us.”

The pressure and uncertainty took a toll on the band’s creative process. Alper battled a nasty bout of writer’s block, struggling to move forward with the song. “There were days when all I could do was lie on the couch, humming a half-finished riff over and over,” he recalls.

Thankfully, Alper wasn’t alone. Bassist Poh Hock stepped in to pick up the slack, and together they wrestled “The Helix Unravels” into its final form. The song is a masterclass in technical death metal, showcasing the band’s impressive musical skills. Glitching fretwork twists and turns around jazzy interludes, all underpinned by downpicked guitar riffs that would make your neck ache in the best way possible.

But Replacire isn’t just about technical prowess. The song is a powerful display of raw emotion. Vocalist James Dorton delivers a searing performance, shifting seamlessly between desperate screams and guttural growls. The lyrics hint at the band’s struggles during the pandemic, with lines like “Say that we will see this through” echoing their determination to overcome adversity.

“We poured everything we had into this album,” says Alper. “There were times when quitting felt like the easier option. But I’m glad we pushed through. ‘The Center That Cannot Hold’ is the album Replacire has been building towards since the very beginning.”

“The Helix Unravels” is more than just a new song; it’s a statement of intent. Replacire is back, and they’re hungrier than ever. The song is a tight, three-minute burst of pure sonic fury, leaving listeners eager to devour the rest of “The Center That Cannot Hold” when it drops in June.

So crank up the volume, unleash your inner headbanger, and prepare to be blown away by Replacire’s latest offering. “The Helix Unravels” is a must-listen for any fan of technical death metal, and a powerful reminder that even in the face of hardship, great music can still be created.

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