Top 10 Richest Female Rappers In The World In 2022

Rap might have gotten into mainstream culture yet it’s difficult to become a household name… And more challenging to make it if you’re female. Rap was once a male-dominated music genre, only. However, now there are some promising and successful women setting the stage on fire by their amazing music.

They make people crazy with their songs. But, there are some female rappers slowly making inroads into the previously all-male domain.

There are a lot of talented female rappers out there, and it’s hard to choose. who are the richest? So we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the richest female rappers in the world. Whether you’re a fan of rap or not, these women are worth your attention and dollars.

From music royalty to business moguls, read on to learn more about these money-making goddesses. Want to know who are the top 10 richest female rappers in the world? Well, here is a complete list of the top 10 wealthiest female rappers in the world 2022.

RankNameNet Worth
1.Nicki Minaj$75 million
2.Queen Latifah$60 million
3.Missy Elliot$50 million
4.Lil’ Kim $18 million
5.Sandra Denton$15 million
6.Cheryl James$14 million
7.M.I.A.$14 million
8.DJ Spinderella$10 million
9.Eve$10 million
10.MC Lyte$8 million

Richest Female Rappers In The World In 2022

1. Nicki Minaj ($75 Million)

Nicki Minaj is among the most well-known and popular female rappers. She’s also on most of the lists of the 10 richest female rappers in the world in 2022 and has an estimated value of $75 million.

Her music career began in 2008 after the release of her debut mixtape Playtime is finished. Minaj has been awarded 3 American music awards as well as six BET awards as well as 2 MTV video music awards, and one Grammy award.

2. Queen Latifah ($60 Million)

Queen Latifah is an American musician, rapper, songwriter, producer, and actress. Her sales of music have surpassed $2 million in the world. Her net worth is $ 60 million.

Latifah has released five studio albums, and has appeared in movies such as “Bringing to the Floor” as well as “Chicago”.

3. Missy Elliott ($50 Million)

Missy Elliott is an American artist, rapper, singer as well as a record producer and actress. Her debut album was ranked at the top of the Billboard 200 chart and was certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Elliott has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide and has been awarded 5 Grammy award nominations, among them the best single-person rap performance and best album of rap.

4. Lil Kim ($18 Million)

Lil Kim has been an American rapper and singer, record-maker, model, and songwriter. When she was in her teens, Jones would freestyle rap and be great in the footsteps of fellow women hip hop artists MC Lyte and The Lady of Rage.

Today Lil’ Kim has been thought to be the most popular female rapper. In December 2022 Lil Kim’s net worth was $18 million.

5. Sandra Denton ($15 Million)

Sandra Denton is a songwriter, rapper, and actress who is part of the American hip-hop group Salt N Pepa. She is among the most successful and richest female rappers in the World in 2022.

This group was honored with Platinum or higher albums by the RIAA for Push It, Tramp, Let’s Talk about Sex, Very Necessary, Blacks’ magic as well as Hot Cool & V.

6. Cheryl James ($14 Million)

Cheryl James is a performer as well as a rapper and songwriter. She has been a member of the group of girls Girls Aloud since 2002 which was awarded the award for Best Pop Act at The BRIT Awards repeatedly from 2003 until 2010. The group then went on hiatus over the course of five years.

In 2005, she was given the title of MBE by Queen Elizabeth II for her contribution to the industry of music while being nominated for Best International Female Solo Artist at the BRIT Awards in 2006.

Her debut studio album as a solo artist called Cheryl in 2009, which was the first album to debut at number one on both charts in Ireland as well as in the United Kingdom.”

7. M.I.A. ($14 Million)

Mathangi Arulpragasam better known by her stage name M.I.A. is an English artist, rapper as well as songwriter, and activist.

The stage name she uses is actually a pun on her name, as in an abbreviation “missing in the action”. She mixes her music with hip-hop and dances along with world and pop music.

8. DJ Spinderella ($10 Million)

DJ Spinderella is an American DJ, rapper, and actress. She is most well-known as an alumna of the Hip-Hop group Salt-H-Pepa. She was a part of “The Salt-H-Pepa Show’, a reality show that focused on the rapper group.

At the time of writing, December 20, 2022, DJ Spinderella’s worth was estimated to be around $10 million, which makes her the 8th most wealthy rapper female on this list.

9. Eve ($10 Million)

Within the realm of female rappers, Eve can be considered one of them. She is a famous Grammy-nominated performer who has an estimated net worth of around $10 million that she earned through her musical career as well as acting and other ventures in business. Eve has been featured in a variety of films, such as “Barbershop” as well as “The Cookout”.

10. MC Lyte ($8 Million)

MC Lyte is an American rapper who gained notoriety in the late 1980s becoming the first female solo rapper to release an entire album, which was critically acclaimed in 1988’s Lyte as a Rock.

MC Lyte is considered to be among hip-hop’s pioneering feminists. At the time of her death in December 2022, the net worth of MC Lyte is estimated at $8 million.

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