Rinku Singh: ICC Ranking, Age, Career Insights, And Stats


Discover Rinku Singh Career, the remarkable left-handed batsman who has cemented his place as an extraordinary talent within cricket.

Rinku Singh’s journey from Uttar Pradesh’s early years through to electrifying performances in the Indian Premier League (IPL) demonstrates his resilience, passion, and exceptional talent.

Personal Information

  • Born: Oct 12, 1997 (26 years)
  • Birth Place: Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh
  • Role: Batsman
  • Batting Style: Left-Handed Bat

Career Highlights


His Early Beginnings

Rinku Singh began his cricketing journey approximately 10 years ago when he was selected for Uttar Pradesh’s under-16 team in 2013. Soon thereafter, his aggressive batting style earned him selection into their under-19 squad as well.

Rinku was determined and talented despite coming from an austere upbringing – her father worked as an LPG deliveryman while her brother drove an autorickshaw – making the best out of every opportunity presented them.

His Notable Performances

Rinkoo Singh

Here are some of his most notable knocks from his career starting to till now:

1. Mumbai Indians Camp [2013]

One of Rinku’s notable performances came at a Mumbai Indians camp in 2013, where he struck an outstanding 31-ball 95 to demonstrate his capability as a hard-hitting southpaw batsman.

2. Ranji Trophy 2018-19: 

Rinku had a phenomenal season in the 2018-19 Ranji Trophy, emerging as the third-highest run-scorer in the tournament with 953 runs from 10 innings. He scored four centuries during the season, showcasing his talent and consistency.

3. Vijay Hazare Trophy [2018]

His determination and resilience were further displayed at the 2018 Vijay Hazare Trophy where he produced an exceptional 44-ball 91* against Tripura.

4. Record-Breaking Chase against Gujarat Titans (April 9, 2023):

Rinku was at his brilliant best against Gujarat Titans on April 9 2023. In one incredible over, he hit five sixes to help their team chase down an IPL record target of 29 runs with only an over left to bat!

His performance showed both power-hitting prowess as well as under pressure performance skills. This remarkable show of performance showed off Rinku’s power-hitting ability.

5. Maximum sixes scored during chases during IPL 2023:

Rinku’s power-hitting was on full display throughout the season as he finished with 18 sixes hit during chases – further cementing his status as one of India’s most exciting young batsmen.

6. International Cricket:

T20I debut against Ireland (August 18, 2023): 

Rinku made his international T20I debut against Ireland on August 18th 2033, although he didn’t score many runs upon debut it marked an important step forward for Rinku’s career.

Match-Winning Knocks against Australia (November 2023):

Rinku played two crucial innings during Australia’s T20I series against him in November 2023, scoring an unbeaten 22 off 14 balls in the first T20I and 31 off just 9 balls in the second T20I, helping his team secure both victories with ease.

These performances demonstrated his adaptability in different situations while playing under pressure on an international stage.

Rinkoo Singh’s First Out-of-Country International Match Experience:

Rinkoo singh vs South Africa

While Rinku Singh’s international career is still budding, he hasn’t had much extensive experience playing outside of India except in South Africa, his career’s first out-of-country cricket journey starts with the world’s toughest pitches and grounds.

Here we will explain what challenges he faces there and how he proved himself there.

1. Adjusting to Different Conditions:

Rinku was initially challenged by South Africa’s fast and bouncy wickets compared to his experience playing on flatter batting surfaces in India and admitted to encountering difficulty adapting and finding his rhythm on those challenging wickets.

2. The pressure of international debut series:

Confronted with such high expectations during his international debut series against an experienced South African side, playing is under considerable strain to perform and prove their mettle against such formidable competition.

3. His Promising Glimpses:

Rinkoo singh vs South Africa 2

Rinku Das’ unbeaten 68 off 39 balls during the rain-affected second T20I was an exceptional showing despite India’s series loss; his power-hitting and ability to anchor an innings at crucial moments.

Rinku displayed his eagerness to learn and adapt quickly in new environments as evidenced by his eagerness for guidance from experienced players and coaches.

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