Roblox Twitter

Roblox Twitter – Roblox Corp(@InsideRoblox), offers free resources to teach students of all ages real coding, game design, digital citizenship, and entrepreneurial skills. Code your own Roblox games!


What Is Roblox?

It provides free online education to all who want to learn coding, game designing, entrepreneurs skills and much more. Roblox also offers free webinars to all who are interested to learn something new and build their digital skills.


Roblox Twitter

If you love to learn all these types of new skills from Roblox Education (@RobloxEdu). Then you should follow Roblox Twitter on which they provide all the information which was given by Roblox.



Que1. What Is The Official Roblox Twitter Account?

Ans- @Roblox, @InsideRoblox and @RobloxEdu.


Que2. How Many Followers Does Roblox Have On Twitter?

Ans- 2M Followers

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