Secret Dating App Icons: Unveiling The Hidden Language

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Like me, most of you ever have used dating apps, but most of you don’t know the secret behind these dating app icons. These icons serve as a visual language, allowing users to convey certain messages and preferences discreetly.

Dating apps provide an entryway into short or long-term relationships depending on your requirements and reason for using that particular app. Some apps even facilitate meeting people who share similar interests such as not being interested in romance.

Online dating apps and websites have led to the increasing use of secret dating app icons, providing a way for users to communicate privately their individual messages or preferences through visual language.

What are Secret Dating App Icons?

Dating app icons are small graphics or symbols used to represent various features, actions, or concepts within a dating application. Icons serve as an easy and visually appealing way of quickly conveying information or intentions – while some icons are universally understood, others intentionally remain unknown to add an air of mystery and privacy.

Why should I Keep my dating app hidden?

Many times it happens that your family members, friends, colleagues, etc take your phone, and you feel nervous because all your dating apps won’t hide and they can easily know what’s going on in your life.

To prevent others from discovering this via your phone’s notification features, simply hide all your dating apps. Even your closest friends won’t know whether there’s one installed or not!

While you might be using dating apps to meet someone, your smartphone could also be collecting personal data without your knowledge and consent.

Do not fear, modern Android and iOS devices make it simple for you to manage which information your apps can access. For example, if you don’t want a dating app accessing your phonebook on Android, simply revoke their permissions for that contact.

How dating app icons can help Me to Recognize?

In my case, I have used many dating apps at a time, if all apps have the same icons, it is very difficult for me to classify which app notification is it.

For this, Dating app icons make it easier for users to recognize specific apps on their mobile devices, and many dating app developers utilize a single icon across all mobile platforms and operating systems – be it Apple or Android.

Know which icon belongs to which app and navigate your device more quickly without looking for app titles which can be tiring and annoying. Dating apps each have a distinct icon;

For Examples:

1. Tinder

Tinder App Icon

Tinder features a flame Icon on a pink background.

2. eHarmony


eHarmony boasts of its heart shape with rainbow-hued rainbows of colors adorning it.

As soon as updates such as messages, new matches, followers, friend requests, likes, and comments arrive for any dating app icon in your app list, it will display a unique sign to notify you. Even when notifications arrive in your notification tray, you will still know which dating app has an update!

With so many dating apps on your device, it will not be hard to identify the right app. Knowing secret icons for dating apps allows users to easily identify notifications.

Once you spot these app icons on someone’s smartphone, you should be able to identify whether it’s a secret dating app icon or not – this will come in particularly handy if your partner has been engaging in extramarital affairs with someone outside your social circle. This information could come in handy should you suspect them of having recently hooked up with strangers outside your immediate circle.

Secret Dating App Icons For iPhone and Android

In this section, I have listed as many secret dating app icons as possible that you can find on both Android and Apple.

This list includes:

OK-Cupid, Match, Meetville, Badoo, Skout, Boo, Mingle2, Plenty Of Fish, Cofee Meet Bagel, Sweet Ring, BLK, eharmony, MeetMe, Tinder, Hinge, Down Dating, Clover, Zoosk, OK-Cupid, Tagged, Bumble, Grindr, happen, Her, Hily, Inner Circle, Waplog, Our Time, PURE and lot more.

Common secret dating app icons and their meanings:

1. Heart icon


The heart icon is one of the most commonly used symbols in dating apps. It typically represents an indication of interest, attraction, or affection. When a user interacts with this icon, it signifies that they like or have a romantic interest in another user’s profile.

2. Flame icon

Tinder App Icon

The flame icon often symbolizes a spark or instant chemistry. When someone uses this icon, it implies that they find the other person attractive and are looking for a passionate connection or a thrilling experience.

3. Diamond icon

Diamond icon

The diamond icon is associated with exclusivity and luxury. It suggests that the user is seeking a high-end or premium dating experience, possibly indicating preferences for upscale venues or a desire for a more extravagant lifestyle.

4. Checkmark icon

Checkmark Icon

The checkmark icon signifies verification or authenticity. When users see this icon on someone’s profile, it indicates that the person’s identity has been verified by the dating app, adding an extra layer of trust and credibility to their profile.

5. Eye icon

Eye icon

The eye icon represents curiosity or interest in exploring new connections. Users who use this icon are open to discovering new people and are willing to engage in conversations or connections beyond their usual preferences.

FAQ: secret dating app icons

1. Can secret dating app icons help in finding more compatible matches?

Yes, secret dating app icons can assist in finding more compatible matches by allowing users to filter and sort potential matches based on shared preferences and interests. They enhance the matching process and save time and energy.

2. Are secret dating app icons mandatory?

Secret dating app icons are typically optional and allow users to choose whether they want to utilize them. They provide an additional layer of communication but are not mandatory for using dating apps.

3. Are secret dating app icons available on both iPhone and Android platforms?

Yes, secret dating app icons are available on both iPhone and Android platforms. Dating apps strive to provide a consistent user experience across different devices.

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