Top 5 secrets to ruling the Facebook marketing game in 2022

The Facebook Marketing Game
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Since its establishment, Facebook has undergone significant transformations from being a social networking platform to a marketing channel. Even in 2022, Facebook is as much a social networking site as it’s a sales platform providing ample opportunities for small businesses and multinational corporations to create a competitive edge.

By the end of January 2022, Facebook had nearly 3 billion monthly active users earning itself the title of most ‘active’ social media platform, followed by YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram, respectively. This massive audience makes it essential for businesses to take advantage of this channel.

After all, it is the biggest active social channel with the most robust targeting features for marketers. So, do you need help getting better results on Facebook? Are you taking advantage of all the features this platform has to offer?

Let’s explore five ways to supercharge your Facebook marketing strategy and take your business to whole another level.

Customer Winning Facebook Trends To Optimize Marketing

You likely know the basics of Facebook marketing already. For example, you should post regularly, take advantage of analytics, use Facebook cover templates to improve aesthetics, and engage users with relevant content.

But it is essential to understand that Facebook is evolving at a lightning-fast pace. It’s not enough to stick to the basics and call it a day.

Make sure to use the following best practices and resources to power up your 2022 Facebook marketing strategy:

1. Facebook Open Graph

Facebook Open Graph, in simpler terms, is a series of Meta tags helping the algorithm and platform to better understand the content and its display. It’s responsible for minimizing risks associated with link sharing quality issues. As a result, users are encouraged to share your content.

Moreover, it allows brands to create third-party apps in which users can connect with their Facebook account and take the desired action like listening to songs, reading an article, etc. moreover, Open Graph actions are distinctive. At the same time, it stands out in the news feed, ultimately increasing its visibility.


2. Short-Form Video For Facebook Reels

Facebook launched Reels, another borrowed feature of Instagram, in September 2021. Undoubtedly, this feature made a splash on Instagram when it launched, and it’s no surprise that it created a buzz when it got integrated into Facebook.

Facebook reels can last up to 30 seconds, including a mix of videos, creative effects, audio, and other media forms. They are great for a growing audience, brand awareness, and building communities.

But, reels have their own dedicated panel and lack the linking competencies like stories.


3. Facebook Stories

Have your business tried this Instagram-first feature on Facebook yet? Just like Snapchat, Facebook stories also last for just 24 hours before disappearing. That makes it the go-to solution for marketers to improve brand visibility, create authentic content, and generate higher engagement.

Indeed, managing and scheduling Facebook stories have been tricky. Numerous third-party applications have made life easier for busy social media marketers.

With the launch of Business Suite, one can take advantage of all the benefits of scheduling stories well ahead of time. Moreover, PosterMyWall has built-in templates to help you create an engaging story within minutes.


4. On-Platform Community

Is your official Facebook showing signs of decreasing organic reach and engagement? Is it time to turn those numbers around? Don’t follow the steps of other businesses like publishing more content on your page, which is not the right solution.

Facebook is indeed becoming increasingly significant for brands looking for creative solutions to boost brand awareness and increase engagements. In short, pages are best for promoting your brand and creating awareness. On the same hand, groups are excellent for building a community around your brand.


5. Fewer Hashtags To Rank Higher

According to various news and studies, Facebook posts with fewer or no hashtags were able to record twice as many interactions as posts that contain a number of hashtags.

For branded accounts, it’s advisable to post content with 1 or 2 hashtags to receive the highest level of engagement and interaction.


Facebook’s Biggest Trend For 2022 And Beyond

Whether you are looking for ways to optimize your Facebook marketing approach or lacking behind in getting the results you want from your page. No matter the end goal, one thing is for sure, the above discussed marketing tactics and trends have the power to amplify your marketing efforts.

From short-lived videos to community platforms, Facebook has tons of opportunities and features to keep your brand staying on the cutting edge.

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