Serverspace – Affordable And Cool Cloud Servers In Europe


Serverspace is an increasing perfect online Сloud IT infrastructure leasing service provider firm in Europe.

Serverspace offers affordable and trendy servers. Which enables you to configure and deploy servers, configure network circuits, arrange SSL certificates and administer domain districts (zones) and tracking etc…


A Balanced Solution For Any Project


Adequate stability and price in conjunction with superior software. With no difficulties, you can alter the desirable characteristics. With minimal understanding of server management and technical assistance.


Serverspace Specialties:

1. Launch Of The Command Line Interface (CLI)

Serverspace announces the launch of the Command Line Interface (CLI) — a management tool for your cloud infrastracture. The CLI provides the same core functionality as the control panel and commands are based on the API service.


2. Free Sectigo SSL Trial Certificate

Sectigo SSL Trial Certificate offering 90 days free SSL Sectigo Certificate to their users. This Sectigo Trial SSL certificate is a full-capability Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate on a trusted root.


3. Service Management API

Service Management API

That’s a great step taken bny Serverspace to launch the Public API service. Which have functionalities:

  • viewing available operating systems, configurations and locations for creating servers and networks;
  • creating snapshots of servers. They can be structured, view details and return the server to them;
  • providing full or partial access to the infrastructure to other people to work together with networks, balance, servers and others;
  • creation and removal of cloud servers, disks, isolated networks and network interfaces;
  • viewing properties of elements of the cloud network infrastructure. It is possible to control their power supply and change the configuration.


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