Several Latest Technologies And Their Impact On The Gaming Industry

Technologies And Their Impact On The Gaming Industry
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Thanks to the advanced technology that has made us closer to the immersive gaming experience. Let’s share major technologies and their impact on the gaming industry.

Faster processors, enhanced graphics capabilities and increasing consumer appetites have prepared a strong base to the advent of new games in the market. Now manufacturers don’t look much interested in investing in 3D TVs, but the choice of many today’s makers is Virtual Reality (VR). Even many experts believe that something created using the combined technology of virtual and augmented reality could make a big difference in future of the gaming industry. 

Technologically, the gaming industry has come a long way since it came among consumers. Started from the pixel-based titles to the almost photo-realistic graphics, this billion-dollar industry is now ready to serve gaming needs of people with different devices – be it a console, computer, tablet and mobile phone as well as a pair of virtual reality headsets. 

A lot to Experience for the Upcoming New Generation Gamers

According to a panel of experts, the upcoming new generation gamers can expect to enjoy a more immersive gaming experience. With every passing month or year, lots of new things add to the technology associated with the online games. The coming years will surely help add something extra to the game technology and bring good news to the gamers. 

Here are several major advances in the technology that have played a crucial role in making the future of gaming brighter and shiner: 

1. Entry Of Voice Recognition

PC Gaming

Are you not in a mood of picking up that controller? Luckily, you are living in a world where voice controlled gaming exists. Oh! With this technology, your gaming device can easily understand and recognize your voice commands. Apart from turning on and off your device, you can also search the web, control gameplay, and play selections from your media library and more. 

2. Facial Recognition

The gaming world would know easily which game category you would love to explore during your free hours with the help of 3D scanning and facial recognition. Feel free to customize a character that looks just like you and enter the industry with full of enthusiasm! 

3. High-DEF Displays Offer Matchless Colors

The introduction of Ultra 4k gaming has made games more appealing and engaging to the consumers. Good news is that the prices of 4K laptops and televisions with 4K capabilities have dropped heavily in the last few years. You would find nothing close it when you enjoy their unbeatable colors and crispness. 

4. Virtual Reality Make Gaming More Immersive

VR Games

Although it’s pretty difficult to spot the virtual reality gaming consoles due to the low offerings of their commercially released models, people are lucky enough to enjoy a fully immersive gaming experience like they have not witnessed before with the help of VR headset displays. There will be many spots when you find it hard to come back to the reality when use these devices. 

5. Augmented Reality Takes You To A New World

No worries if you don’t find out the virtual world yours’ type. The technology doesn’t restrict you at your computer monitor or a TV, but you would have the full freedom of being a perspective unique. Get ready to maneuver the spaces within the real-life situations in AR games!

6. Advent Of Mobile Gaming

The introduction of smartphones has allowed players to enjoy their favorite games and explore the best gaming experience anytime while sitting anywhere. Users are not based on their consoles, and consumers to kill their hours. 

7. Wearable Gaming is Awesome

Be it glasses or smartwatches, wearable games are sufficient enough to make gaming portable and that too without being too insidious. Known as the extensions of gaming consolers, wearables are something that people love a lot. 

8. We Can’t Ignore The On-Demand Gaming

competitive gaming

There are plenty of gamers who enjoy watching and sharing live-streams of their favorite games. However, who knows that they would play them out or not. Like the movie streaming, the ability to stream online games is gaining more and more popularity with every passing time. 

Future Of Gaming And Game Technology:

Gaming is changing continuously and we as the game lovers are happy to see the regular improvement in the domain from different directions. Like all other fields, technology has also affected it positively with lots of new game titles introduced every day. 

Companies now focus on combining high-quality graphical content along with more flexible and friendly environments. Players now have multiple levels to go through and achieve better goals and earn more rewards. Experts say that this technology-driving platform will surely has some more exciting and attractive titles to offer to the consumers in the future. 

A Quick Look At The Revenue Of Gaming Industry In 2019

As told earlier that gaming industry is continuously growing and it will soon achieve many milestones. Different revenue figures have got obtained from multiple gaming domains like it has been collected with an amount of $6.3 billion from AR and VR gaming, $29.6 billion from PC gaming and $64.4 billion from mobile gaming.

Augmented Reality Games

It was the summer season of 2016 when a large number of smartphone users got busy in completing Pokemon-catching missions. Can you believe it? The engagement in Pokemon Go, which is a wonderful augmented reality mobile game, took the masses in a world of realism for a while. 

Being available to download for free, this game is highly valued for creating more than $3 billion in sales, primarily from the in-app purchases.

Final Words:

With the improvements in every sphere of gaming industry, the growth of online and mobile games is brighter than before. The advent of AR and VR backed by cloud gaming and wearables will help companies to deliver something worth exploring. 

You would surely get bigger than what you are experiencing today. Good luck to witness the more immersive and realistic gaming experience on your desktops, consoles and hand-held devices!!  

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