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Significance Of Product Photography In Email Marketing

Photography In Email Marketing
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Remember the time when there were only radios as a means of communication? Yes. None of us remembers because we’re from the most visual generation. We talk through memes and find them quirky and more relatable than any other language. Memes are just a bunch of photographs carefully edited together to appeal to the masses.

A photograph, they say, speaks a thousand words. And, photographs are accommodating, especially, in any business and its sales. It gives a better perception to the buyer. Visual representation creates an understanding and trust. This plays a crucial role in marketing, specifically, in email marketing.

There are 2 influential things important in email marketing,

  • The subject line
  • Images used in the content of the email

Significance Of Product Photography In Email Marketing:

1. Grabs the Attention

According to a survey, 93% of the customers consider visual information to be a deciding factor for any product purchase. And, 90% of online buyers say that quality photos are very important for any online sale.

Email isn’t just about writing phrases and sentences anymore. It is more of communicating in person. So, grab your reader’s attention by using relatable and vibrant photographs. An interesting photograph always grabs attention (even for a little span). It is enough to get your reader engaged with your content.

2. Contact as Many as Possible

Sure, social media helps you reach the masses. The hashtags and challenges do keep everybody engaged, and people get to know about you. But how would you grab your target audience out of them? Social media is more about telling people about your presence.

Email marketing is getting people to know more about what you offer as a brand and convert the potential into customers. Email search tools like lets you access hundreds of email addresses within seconds. It is also a Linkedin email finder through which you can access the emails from your Linkedin account.

3. Establishes the Conjecture

Most people are cynical while buying online because they are worried that the photos don’t display or over displays the product. And statistics prove it too. 22% of the products are returned because they look different than what’s shown in the images. Then how to solve this?

By using a good quality camera; and investing in better editing applications. Understand the lighting concept and use it appropriately to portray your product. Use suitable angles so that people can understand its tone, texture, and size. By doing so, you are already winning a quarter of the game in rightly setting your consumer’s expectations.

4. Promotes Sales

The viewer wants to see your product quality instead of reading its brochure. They want to have the offline experience of shopping online. Having a good quality photograph of the product along with some aesthetics fulfills their wants.

The viewers are also curious about how the product would look when they own it. A photograph of a model using the product in their daily life satisfies the vision. Thus, driving them to go to your website and make the purchase.

Here are some of the points. Are there any others to add to the list? Let us know.

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