Snap’s AR Development Tool: New Features – ChatGPT API integration

Snap's AR Development Tool

Now available to developers is Lens Studio 5.0 Beta from Snap’s AR creation tool, designed to facilitate more complex AR creation while increasing productivity, as well as new AI features like ChatGPT API which is powered by OpenAI. Snap announced their decision at Thursday’s annual Lens Fest developer conference and made headlines.

ChatGPT and OpenAI have joined forces to offer developers access to ChatGPT in their Licenses through a Remote API, giving Snapchat users access to creative, conversational, and educational experiences thanks to developers’ text-based content production capabilities.

Developers could design Lenses utilizing randomizers created through ChatGPT as well as quizzes using its randomizer feature; alternatively they may develop lenses which automatically apply filters or director modes according to user commands – giving access to new social experiences through text based production by producing Lenses designed with ChatGPT created randomizers built within Lenses developed using ChatGPT randomizers/quizzes using ChatGPT-created randomizers created through ChatGPT’s randomizer feature!

Snap already utilizes OpenAI technology via GPT technology which powers My AI chatbot.

Lens Studio 5.0 Beta now comes equipped with an innovative AI feature called 3D Face Mask Generator that makes creating self-expression lenses much simpler, says Snap Inc. Snap’s Face Mesh functionality is combined with Generative AI into this 3D Face Mask Generator to provide instantaneous self-expression lenses within seconds, according to them.

Lens Studio 5.0 Beta provides 18x faster project loading, thus increasing productivity for AR project developers. According to Snap, using Git version control systems allows multiple developers to collaborate simultaneously on complex AR projects.

Snap’s AR Development Tool now comes equipped with ChatGPT API:

Last year when Snap launched Lenses with Digital Goods, developers could add premium augmented reality features that customers could unlock via Lens Explorer. Now available to all developers and designed specifically to make discovering them simpler for Snap users; Snap has announced that Lens Explorer now promotes them explicitly.

According to Snap, 330,000 developers have created over 3.5 million Lenses on its augmented reality platform over the last year; users have watched these Lenses more than three trillion times!

This firm also provided an update on their Lens Creator Rewards program, launched this summer and offering developers and designers of augmented reality the potential to make up to $7,200 monthly with successful lenses. In its inaugural month alone, more than 45,000 lenses chose to participate, garnering 5 billion interactions from Snapchat users!

Snap has not disclosed the amount it paid developers through this scheme; rewards appear to vary based on Lens performance and engagement is calculated using an unnamed formula that takes into account views among other metrics for engagement calculation.

Source: Techchrunch

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