Spartan Capital Securities: Company Profile, Founding Team, and Case Study

Spartan Capital Securities

The unlocking of sound and reliable financial guidance is not just for the elite or highly educated, but for everybody. At Spartan Capital Securities, LLC, it’s a comprehensive financial services firm and trusted partner, proven by anyone seeking sound financial advice.

Known to possess strong market sense, effective strategic risk management skills, and being equipped with some of the sharpest investment minds in the industry, Spartan Capital Securities is an obvious beacon in the area of financial advisory.

Discover more about Spartan Capital Securities in our case study, find company profiles, meet the founding team, and much more. Step into a world of financial empowerment and informed choices with us.

About – Spartan Capital Securities

Company NameSpartan Capital Securities
HeadquarterNew York, New York, United States
IndustryFinancial services
FounderJohn Lowry
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Spartan Capital Securities was founded in New York City, New York as an asset management and budget administration firm in 2007. They specialize in supporting education-minded and high-net-worth people to invest in ventures.

Spartan Capital Securities’ team of staff boasts decades of combined financial service expertise, along with decades of experience managing an account or wealth administration and understanding advertising techniques. Spartan Capital Securities has earned global client relationships thanks to our broad array of skills and attention to detail.

At Spartan, it’s our goal to deliver personalized budgetary arrangements tailored exactly to each of our clients’ needs – something which comes easily to us at Spartan. Keeping them safe with us takes certainty, caution, and insights – exactly the approach our clients expect of us!

Spartan Capital Securities – Founder and Team

Spartan Capital Securities’ founder and team has over 130 years of combined industry experience.

John Lowry founded Spartan Capital Securities in 2007, serving as CEO. Kim Monchik serves as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), while Heather Fitzgerald acts as CFO. Spartan Brands serves as its brand name – innovating, producing, distributing, and marketing cutting-edge, premium personal care products worldwide.

Spartan Capital Securities’ Startup Story

Spartan Capital Securities stands as an exemplary example of how securities firms usually evolve over time, beginning from their founding by John Lowry – an established industry professional with considerable industry knowledge -and comprehensive business plans in mind. One key initial task was navigating regulatory compliance complexities while obtaining all required permissions and licenses so the business could operate legally.

Spartan Capital Securities placed top priority on creating an advanced technological infrastructure to ensure safe trade operations and compliance monitoring platforms, and fundraising became essential. From launch expenditures, regulatory fees, and initial operational expenses through to fundraising for launch expenditures and regulatory fees incurred during start up expenses; fundraising has always been essential.

Spartan Capital Securities has continually responded to market conditions, regulatory changes, technology improvements, and market shifts throughout its existence; creating its own narrative in the financial world – for more up-to-date information visit their official website or recent news sources for updates!

Spartan Capital Securities’ Business Model

Spartan Capital’s revenue-based finance (RBF) solution was specifically created to meet the requirements of small and mid-sized enterprises (SMBs). Established in 2017, Spartan Capital offers SMBs the capital they require for the growth and operation of their businesses.

Spartan Capital was created by experienced small business owners who understand first-hand the difficulties associated with finding funding sources for businesses. Banks may impose strict loaning requirements that align with annual income levels, FICO score thresholds or length of operation when awarding loans to clients. SMBs may find it challenging to meet certain requirements due to being relatively new enterprises. Spartan Capital used to be available through regional and community banks; however, due to rising interest rates and other financial restrictions available funding has significantly diminished and many worthy businesses cannot find funding or financing solutions.

Spartan strives to meet this need while filling service and technological gaps by customizing solutions that align with each SMB’s specific objectives and needs. Clients may use cutting-edge loan servicing technology and financing process streamlining tools.

Spartan Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) focus on building long-term relationships with its clients by offering Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs). MCAs provide alternative funding sources to assist small to midsized businesses (SMBs) across an array of credit profiles with growth plans or day-to-day operations needs – and Spartan serves its clientele by being there whenever and however needed for these transactions.

Spartan Capital Securities More Things To Know –

Name, Tagline, and LogoSpartan Capital Securities
“Empowering Financial Success”
Revenue ModelSpartan Capital Securities generates revenue primarily through its financial services.
Total Revenue: $24.3 million
Products and Services– Stocks
– Bonds
– Options
– Mutual Funds
– Exchange Traded Funds
– Margin Loans
Funding and Investors– Total Investments: 15
– Latest Investment by Suberra on October 7, 2022
– The Ape Board also contributed to funding
EmployeesTotal Employees: 101 to 250
CompetitorsMain Competitors: The Financial Guys, BPAS, H Stern
Awards and AchievementsNo specific details available
Future PlanSpartan Capital Securities plans to expand service offerings, improve technology, and solidify its position in the financial industry. Focus on innovation and client satisfaction.

As one of the premier financial advice firms since its formation in 2007, Spartan Capital Securities has quickly grown into a reliable provider, facing down challenges head on with confidence and resilience. Strategic market navigation, technology innovation, and client services remain hallmarks of success for this dynamic organization.

As it expands further with technology innovation and expanded services for clients alike – Spartan Capital Securities envisions an expanded service offering featuring enhanced technologies while staying true to providing tailored financial solutions that surpass clients’ needs and expectations.

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