Top 10 Spices And Herbs For Type 2 Diabetes

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While you are fighting against diabetes, it is necessary to have a proper diet. It would be hard at first to some people especially if you have been used to eat and just give in with your guilty pleasures. It is understandable to have an adjustment period in terms of diet during diabetes period because some may not be pleasing in your taste.
But it is necessary to have discipline on your diet when you have diabetes because it is the best way to manage it. You can also try this product found on which you also add to manage your blood sugar level.
Type 2 diabetes is most common among older people. This is developed in time and the symptoms are slowly showing. Studies say that some people who have type 2 diabetes are unaware at first. The risky part of being unaware is that you do not do anything to manage your blood sugar level and which can most likely lead to more serious complications.
It is essential to have a regular check-up or laboratory test so you would at least know what is going on with your health even if you are unaware. It is dangerous to feel complacent sometimes while in reality, you are already developing a disease.
You can also refer to the list of symptoms of type 2 diabetes below and if you are experiencing any of these, the best thing to do is to consult your doctor right away:
  • Acanthosis nigricans or darkening of the skin. Some parts of the skin turn dark if you are starting to develop type 2 diabetes including armpit, neck, groin areas and face.
  • Blurry vision
  • Wounds or sores become slow in healing
  • Sudden changes in mood
  • PCOS (hormonal imbalance among women)
These are just some of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. It is more advisable to ask professionals like doctors and have a laboratory check for the blood sugar level for assurance. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. It is more expensive to cure diabetes when it is already there.
You will need treatments, maintenance medications and worse is if it will lead to more serious complications. Prevention is better and way less cheap to do. There are many actions plans you can do to not to open the gates of your health for diabetes.
One of the best is proper diet, have healthy meals and add these top 10 spices and herbs for type 2 diabetes to your food:

Spices And Herbs For Type 2 Diabetes

1. Cinnamon

You see, herbs and spices for type 2 diabetes are not so bad after all because of cinnamon. It smells so good when you make a cinnamon roll or even when you pass by a pastry shop. Cinnamon is an Indian spice that helps to improve blood glucose control and insulin sensitivity.


2. Oregano

This herb also smells good. Try to grow it in your home and it will make it smell therapeutic. Not only it is good in lowering blood sugar level but it is also used to cure cough in Asian countries. Oregano is also rich in antioxidants. Another fun fact about oregano is it serves as a mosquito repellant.


3. Garlic

This is very common and very easy to find because it is in every supermarket. Not only it helps in managing blood sugar level but also it lowers cholesterol level and is also rich in antioxidants. You can put this in almost every recipe you want like soup or steaks.


4. Basil

Basil specifically helps in lowering blood sugar level. This is also not difficult to find and can be added to almost any of your recipes. You can add this on your salad or dressings, soup, and pasta. Basil is rich in flavanoids which helps in metabolism.


5. Chamomile

This herb does not only lowers blood sugar level but it also helps in taking out the sugar from the blood and storing it in proper places in the body. Not only it helps in managing blood sugar level but it also gives a calming feeling. After a stressful day, instead of ice cream, you can drink this before sleeping.


6. Ginger

As much as ginger is helpful in lowering blood sugar level, it is also rich in antioxidants which also helps in lowering cholesterol level. It also aids stomach ache and constipation. You can add this on your soup or steaks.


7. Ginseng

This Chinese herb has been a medicinal control for blood sugar for centuries already. It is claimed to reduce insulin resistance. Some studies claim that ginseng also helps in Alzheimer’s disease.


8. Cayenne

Cayenne helps in breaking down carbs into glucose. Not only it helps in managing blood sugar level but it is also a spice that can make your meal taste better.


9. Cumin

Cumin belongs to the parsley family and can join with brown rice. It helps in lowering both blood sugar and cholesterol level.


10. Peppermint

Peppermint is not just good for diabetes but also rich in antioxidants. It fights ageing, heart disease and cancer. You can add this on your teas.

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