Start Growing Your Startup with Facebook

Start Growing Your Startup with Facebook

For startups, finding the right way to start marketing is vital. Often, there isn’t a ton of money for marketing in the very beginning, so everything done must count.

Social media is an excellent way to market without having to spend a ton of money upfront, and there are tips that can help reduce the amount spent, like testing ads.

When it’s time to pick the right social media platform to start with, Facebook is an excellent option because it has billions of active users throughout the world.

1. Create a Business Account

The initial step is to create a business account on Facebook. Working with SEO agency Taktical Digital can help business owners make sure the account is set up properly and ready to be used.

It is important to fill out the account information carefully to avoid any mistakes and to make sure as much as possible is filled in to avoid leaving potential customers with more questions than answers when they view the page.


2. Share Helpful Information

Engagement is key with social media, and consumers aren’t going to spend a lot of time on a business page if it’s not useful for them.

When creating content, consider sharing information that will be helpful to customers or potential customers.

Though it’s possible to have fun with things that are posted, informational posts will generate more interest and help increase engagement.


3. Boost Engagement with Video Questions

Another way to boost engagement is to post videos with questions. These videos may capture the attention of viewers who will comment on the video or create a reply video to share with the business.

When creating any videos to post on social media, make sure they look professional, not like they were taken in a rush. There are plenty of tips to make videos look more professional that even new videographers can use.


4. Find Consumers Similar to Current Customers

How do you attract more customers to the business site in the first place? Using the information for existing customers can help.

By inputting the emails of current customers, Facebook can help generate a list of users that may have similar interests. This allows businesses to reach out to potential customers targeted through similarities in tastes.

Targeting the right consumers with advertising can help make any ads used by the business far more effective and help reduce money wasted on ads that aren’t seen by those who may be interested in what the business offers.


5. Test Ads and Adjust as Needed

Ad testing is a crucial way to find out what works and what doesn’t. Businesses can use A/B testing to find out which ads will perform better.

The way to do this is to create two ads that are similar but that do have some differences and run them both at the same time under similar circumstances.

After a period of time, compare the results from both ads to see which one is more successful. Doing this can help save money, as funds won’t be wasted on ads that aren’t going to perform.


6. Use Custom Landing Pages

When customers click on a link from the business Facebook page, where do they go? Instead of leading them just to the main homepage of the website, it’s a better idea to take them to a custom landing page.

The landing page may be connected to the information the consumer was looking for when they clicked the link or have discounts and other deals that are exclusive to followers on Facebook.

By creating a custom landing page, conversion rates will increase, as consumers are able to find what they’re looking for easier or feel like they’re getting a better deal simply because they found the business on Facebook.

Today, social media is a fantastic resource for startups, as long as they know how to use it right. It is important to be careful when getting started to make sure everything is done right and avoid potentially costly mistakes, like ads that just aren’t effective.

The tips here can help startups get set up on Facebook and start attracting new customers. To get even more from the social media platform, talk to the experts today and get personalized advice that will help create a more effective business profile.

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