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Subway Surfer for PC play Free Online

Subway Surfer for PC play Free Online
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Simple to learn and pick up game, Subway Surfer for PC is entertaining and addictive. It’s a fantastic option for players of all ages because to its straightforward gameplay and vibrant graphics.

Keep reading to learn more about the online PC version of this game, why it is superior to other mobile versions, and some helpful hints for playing. Online Subway Surfer Games are Available on Websites

Overview of Subway Surfer for PC

The same game, Subway Surfers, is available for PC users, but with better visuals and controls tailored for a keyboard and mouse. Players can utilize a controller with the PC version to have a more realistic experience.

Gamers can change the look of their avatars by using the coins they earn while playing to buy new clothes and accessories. Weekly challenges and events are another aspect of this game that provides players the chance to win exclusive bonuses and awards. Let’s examine the gameplay and goals of the game.

Subway Surfer for PC Gameplay and Objectives

Players take control of Jake, a young graffiti artist who gets stopped by a policeman while spray-painting on a subway train, in this online Subway Surfer for PC. Run around the subway rails while gathering coins and power-ups, dodging obstacles, and helping Jake elude the policeman and his dog.

The game includes a range of challenges and obstacles, including tunnels, oncoming trains, and walls. To get past the obstacles and keep going as far as they can, the player needs quick reflexes and strategy. The player earns more points the further they run.

The main objective of Subway Surfers is to collect coins, power-ups, and boosters while avoiding obstacles and the grumpy inspector. The game has several objectives, including:

  • Collect coins: The player must collect as many coins as possible while running to increase their score and unlock new characters and upgrades.
  • Avoid obstacles: The player needs to jump, slide, and dodge obstacles like trains, barriers, and tunnels to avoid getting caught by the inspector.
  • Complete missions: The game has several missions the player can complete to earn rewards and increase their score.
  • Reach new levels: As the player collects more coins and completes missions, they can unlock new levels and locations.

Characters and their abilities

Subway Surfers PC app features several characters, each with unique abilities. Some of the popular characters in the game include:

  • Jake: The game’s main character, Jake, can double jump, making it easier to avoid obstacles.
  • Tricky: Tricky can perform a hoverboard jump, which can help the player cover more distance and avoid obstacles.
  • Fresh: Fresh can perform a speed boost, which makes it easier to outrun the inspector and his dog.
  • Yutani: Yutani can activate a jetpack, allowing the player to fly over obstacles and collect coins.
  • Spike: Spike can perform a super jump, making reaching higher platforms easier and collecting coins.

Overview of the different locations

The user can unlock and explore a number of destinations in Subway Surfers for the PC. Each place presents particular difficulties and obstacles, such as:

  • New York: The game’s first location, New York, features iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.
  • Paris: Paris features landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.
  • Tokyo: Tokyo features traditional Japanese architecture, including temples and shrines.
  • Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro features beaches and Brazilian street art.
  • Moscow: Moscow features iconic landmarks like Red Square and the Kremlin.

Power-ups and boosters

The player can gather a variety of power-ups and boosters to raise their score and make the game simpler. Popular power-ups and boosters include the following:

  • Coin Magnet: The coin magnet power-up attracts nearby coins, making it easier to collect them.
  • Super Sneakers: The super sneakers power-up makes the player run faster and jump higher.
  • Jetpack: The booster allows players to fly over obstacles and collect coins.
  • 2X Multiplier: The 2X multiplier booster doubles the number of coins the player collects.
  • Score Booster: The score booster increases the player’s score for a limited time.

Features of Subway Surfers for PC Online

It has been converted from a well-known mobile game for PC use. The following are some advantages of playing Subway Surfers online on a PC:

  • Graphics and Sound: The Subway Surfers PC version has excellent visuals and audio effects that add to the immersion of the game.
  • Controls: Players can use their keyboard or mouse to control their characters, making navigating the game easier.
    Multiplayer: This online game allows players to compete against other players worldwide.
  • Power-ups: A variety of power-ups are available in the game to give players an advantage. You can either buy these power-ups with in-game money or get them through gaming.
  • Characters: As players advance in the game, they can unlock a variety of characters in Subway Surfers PC online.
  • Different locations: The game’s destinations, which include New York, Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro, each with its own difficulties and problems, are all over the world.
  • Leaderboards: This game features leaderboards that show players their rankings compared to other players.
  • In-Game Store: Players can purchase extras like characters, power-ups, and other benefits through the game’s in-game store.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Subway Surfers for PC

Here are some tips and tricks for playing Subway Surfers on PC:

  • Use the Keyboard: Using the keyboard rather than the mouse makes playing Subway Surfers on a PC much simpler. The character’s movements can be more precisely and precisely controlled using the keyboard.
  • Master the Controls: Learn how to move left or right, jump, and use other fundamental game controls. You can dodge obstacles and gather more coins if you are familiar with these controls.
  • Watch Out for Obstacles: Be on the lookout for barricades, trains, and tunnels. Jump, slide, or move to the side to avoid them.
  • Use Power-Ups: To aid you through the game, collect power-ups such as magnets, hoverboards, and score boosters. You can earn a higher score and more cash by using these power-ups.
  • Upgrade Your Character: You can improve your character’s skills by using the coins you earn. You’ll be able to run farther, jump higher, and slide farther with this upgrade.
  • Stay Alert: When playing Subway Surfers, stay engaged and attentive at all times. You need to be prepared for anything because the game might go quickly.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: The more you play, the better you will get. So, keep practicing and don’t give up!

Comparison of Subway Surfers for PC with Mobile Versions

The PC and mobile devices are just two of the many platforms this game is accessible on. The PC and mobile versions of Subway Surfers will be compared in this comparison.

  • Graphics: As computers often have more powerful processing and graphics capabilities than mobile devices, the PC version of Subway Surfers has better graphics than the mobile version.
  • Controls: The PC version’s controls are different from those of the mobile version. While the mobile versions use touch controls, the PC version controls the character using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • Gameplay: All versions of Subway Surfers have similar gameplay, but there are some subtle changes. For instance, the levels in the PC edition are bigger and more intricate than those in the mobile version. The PC version also features a distinct power-up system that enables users to get power-ups by achieving particular goals.
  • Updates: Because mobile devices are more common than PCs and developers frequently give platforms with larger user bases priority when updating, the mobile versions of this game get updates more frequently than the PC version.
  • Social features: All game versions of Subway Surfers share the same social features. Using social media, users can communicate with friends and compete for the highest rankings on leaderboards.


Can I play Subway Surfers on my PC?

You can play Subway Surfers on your PC using an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.

How do I download Subway Surfers on my PC?

Install an Android emulator first, such as BlueStacks or NoxPlayer, on your computer. Launch the emulator after that, and look for Subway Surfers in the Google Play Store. Similar to how you would on a mobile device, download and install the game.

Can I sync my progress between my mobile device and PC?

If you have connected your game to a social media account like Facebook, you can sync your progress between devices.

Is Subway Surfers free to play on PC?

The PC version of Subway Surfers is available for free on all platforms. In-app purchases, however, might be offered for extra features or goods.

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