Taking Care Of Your New Motorsport Purchases

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There is nothing more exciting than riding a motorbike that has just been overhauled. Trusted shops like Teknik Motorsport have premium replacement parts that make you feel like you are riding a brand new vehicle. To ensure that your motorbike will always be in tiptop condition, you have to make an effort to maintain it.

Parts like the motorbike fork, shock absorber, and chassis need regular preventive maintenance. This article will give you some professional advice on how to take care of your new purchases so that they will always run smoothly on the road:

1. Taking Care Of Your Fork

Your newly bought fork will often take years to get replaced. If you buy branded forks from trusted stores, it can last a decade. However, you should do your part and maintain it. Dust and other engine elements often get stuck in the fork and its oil supply, making them less effective after some time. As such, changing its oil prolongs its durability.

To do so, first, remove your bike’s front wheel by letting the front axle’s bolt loosen up. Then, remove its fork cap. This part is the most challenging because often, the cap is tightly screwed. However, once you have figured it out, you can remove the fork.

Make sure that the area is clean before adding the new oil. You can do this by spraying a liberal amount of degreaser and leaving it out for a couple of minutes. Once everything is clean, put in the new oil and re-install the fork.


2. Taking Care Of Your Shock Absorber

Your motorbike’s shock absorber tends to experience the most amount of strain in your vehicle. When you go to shops like Teknik Motorsports, you may request the mechanic adjust your suspension according to your weight to lessen the strain it will experience.

If you are tall and heavy, the suspension area where your shock absorber is located needs to be extended. This way, you can comfortably drive your vehicle, and your shock absorber will not be overworked as well.

Another way to prevent problems concerning your newly installed shock absorber is to change its oil every 12,500 miles or at least once a year. When you use your motorbike, its oil gets transformed into heat.

This combustion reduces the amount of oil in your system, making its parts collide together. If left unchecked, your shock absorber might degrade sooner than you think, and you would have to get a new one. Listen to your mechanic and buy oil every 12 months or so!


3. Taking Care Of Your Chassis

Motorsport professionals suggest that you stick with a combination of water and soap when cleaning the chassis so that they would not corrode easily. They also recommend that you use bike-specific degreasers and chain lubricants to clean up the messy parts of your bike chain.

It is also advised that you use brushes instead of plain rags when cleaning your frames to get to the hard-to-reach places of your bike parts.

Buying new parts from trusted stores is a great way to make your ride smoother. To ensure that you will always enjoy a thrilling and safe ride, take the time to conduct regular preventive maintenance. Do not hesitate to contact your trusted bike shop for more tips on maintaining the products you bought there.

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