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Talk And Record! Enable Microphone For Screencastify

Enable Microphone For Screencastify

Forget silent movies, Guardian (or office worker, student, whoever you are)! Ever record your screen with Screencastify and wish you could add your voice to explain things? Well, fear not, fellow human who talks! 

This short guide will unleash your inner narrator and show you how to enable microphone for Screencastify in a flash. Get ready to record like a pro (with your voice, of course).

Comprehending Screencastify

Have you ever wished you could show someone precisely what you see on your screen, but explaining it aloud would make it much clearer?

Welcome to Screencastify, your friendly neighborhood screen-recording superhero! It allows you to capture your entire computer screen, a single window, or even yourself using your webcam while also recording your voice. 

Consider creating a mini-movie starring your computer screen and narrated by you to explain anything you desire, from showing a friend a new game to providing a tutorial for work.

Importance Of Microphone

While capturing what’s on your screen is amazing, adding your voice with microphone access makes your recordings come to life.  Think of it as a missing puzzle piece. 

Your voice can explain what’s going on, add humor or personality, and even walk viewers through the actions you’re doing. It makes your screen recordings more engaging, instructive, and enjoyable!

How To Enable Microphone For Screencastify?

  • Fire Up Chrome and Find Your Screencastify Buddy: Open Google Chrome and look for the Screencastify extension icon in the toolbar. It can look like a small red circle with a white play button.
  • Click the Icon and Open the Options Menu: Give the Screencastify symbol a friendly click! A dropdown menu will appear, containing some options. Search for “Options” and click on it.
  • Permissions Party! Find the Microphone Section: The Options menu is where the magic occurs.  There will be a “Permissions” area, which is what you desire!  Permissions include a section specifically for your microphone.
  • Turn Up the Mic!: Look for the microphone toggle switch.  Look for a microphone toggle switch.  Make sure it is set to “On” so that Screencastify can hear your voice clearly.
  • Test your Microphone: Want to make sure your microphone is working perfectly? There might be a “Test Microphone” button nearby.  Click on it and speak into your mic –  you should hear yourself clearly.

Troubleshooting Microphone Issues

You enabled microphone access, but your voice isn’t appearing in your recordings.  Do not panic! Here are a few things to check to have your mic operating perfectly:

1. Double-Check Your Settings

Remember the Screencastify choices we discussed previously (steps 1–3)?  Go back there.  Make sure the microphone switch is still set to “on.”  Additionally, web browsers have their own microphone permissions. 

In Chrome, click the three dots in the upper right corner, select “Settings,” and look for “Microphone.” There, you may confirm that Chrome has permission to utilize your microphone.

2. Make Sure You Choose The Correct Mic

If you have a headset or a webcam microphone, your computer may be utilizing the incorrect one.  Locate the “Recording” tab in your sound settings (look for “Sound” in the Start menu). 

This is where the mic party selection occurs!  Choose the microphone you want to use with Screencastify and set it as the primary character (or default device).

3. Restart Your Device

Tech is such a thing that no one has been able to understand it properly to date. don’t you think so?

I am saying this because it takes more and more time to understand many small problems whereas some of the most complex problems can be fixed with just a restart.

So the same formula applies here too. Shut down entirely, wait a few seconds, and then reboot.  Then, try recording with Screencastify again to check if your microphone is the star of the show this time.

4. Look For Program Conflicts

Make sure to check once that any software on your device is not running in the background or you have opened any that is accessing your mic.

If so, then close that software and free your mic and after that, you can check whether your mic is working properly for Screencastify.

5. Update Drivers

Outdated audio drivers can occasionally cause microphone issues.  These are similar to the instructions your computer uses to comprehend your microphone.

Visit your computer manufacturer’s website to see if there are any audio driver upgrades available.  Updating them could be precisely what your microphone needs to start working properly again!

6. Reach Screencastify Support

Still stuck on mute after all this troubleshooting? Don’t sweat it! The amazing folks at Screencastify support are there to help.

They’re pretty awesome, so you shouldn’t be disappointed.  Just keep in mind, that their magic might only work if the problem is with Screencastify itself or their extension, not your computer or microphone hardware.

But hey, it’s definitely worth reaching out – they might have a secret mic-fixing trick up their sleeve!


This guide demonstrated how to enable your microphone with a few clicks, transforming you into a screencasting expert in no time.

We discussed the significance of microphone access, which is the missing puzzle piece that brings your recordings to life!  Your voice can clarify what’s on screen, offer humor, or walk viewers through the process.

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