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Terry Lee Flenory is an influential American entrepreneur, businessperson, drug supplier, and investor from Detroit Michigan in the United States. He is known as the younger brother of Demetrius “Big Meech”, Terry Lee Flenory has gained notoriety as being involved in illegal sports like drug trafficking and cash laundering as well as being known for founding the Black Mafia Family (BMF).

On the other hand, Terry Flenory was not only a drug supplier and co-founding father of BMF, he and Big Meech carried out various unlawful activities together from 1990-2005.

Terry Lee Flenory Wiki:

Terry Lee Flenory
Source: Instagram
Name:Terry Lee Flenory
NickName:Terry Flenory, Southwest T.
Birth:10th January 1972
Birthplace:Detroit, Michigan, United States of America
Profession:American Entrepreneur, Businessman, Drug Supplier, and Investor

Terry Lee Flenory’s Early Life:

Terry was born in Detroit on 10 January 1970. Since his arrival, he has become the leader of the Black Mafia Family as well as an American drug trafficker dubbed Big Meech Brother by members. Based on this date he now is 51 years old as of 2023.

Family and Siblings of Terry Lee Flenory:

When discussing Terry Lee Flenory’s family life, his parents are Charles Flenory and Shelly Meech respectively; his brothers include Big Meech (Big for short), Nicole Flenory, Big Meech Jr (Bi) as well as Nicole.

Terry hails from an American descent family with Capricorn as their zodiac sign; they enjoy spending time together as much as possible and his nephew Demetrius Flenory Jr (Lil Meech) has become a well-known rapper/musician as an accomplished rapper/musician!

Terry Lee Flenory Education:

According to sources, Terry and his brother completed their high school studies at a similar college before undertaking the illegal business of drug trafficking together and using cash-laundering companies as money laundering organizations to rake in fortune.

Terry Lee Flenory Career & Net-Worth:

Famous:American Drug Supplier, and co-founder of Black Mafia Family (BMF)
Net Worth:$40-50 million (approx.)
Income Source:Drug Trafficking, Black Mafia Family TV series

According to reports, Terry Lee Flenory began his professional life through illegal business ventures. Together with Big Meech, he established the Black Mafia Family (BMF). Through their corporation, they conducted illegal acts like drug trafficking.

Terry began selling $50 bags of cocaine on Detroit backstreets while still in high school during the Eighties, under their brother Big Meech’s direction. They later formed Black Mafia Family Entertainment as an organized means for drug trafficking and cash laundering and were featured prominently within various magazines such as S.M.A.C.K.

His brother established the BMF Entertainment record label. Following release from prison, Terry Lee Flenory started Southwest Black Magic; selling merchandise bearing this moniker through social media handles.

Terry Lee Flenory’s Relationship Status is: Engaged.

Concerning his love life, Terry Lee Flenory is married. According to his Instagram profile, Terry married Tonesa Welch who serves as Executive Manufacturer at NotoriousQueens as well as being a logo influencer.

Terry shared numerous photos with Welch across his social media handles and, according to his IG profile, has also collaborated with multiple woman entrepreneurs and entertainers.

No official records exist regarding his children; however, Terry appears to have an affinity for kids as evidenced by many photos shared of them together with nephews, siblings, and nieces on social media platforms such as Flickr. But now there is no information regarding their existence available online.

Black Mafia Family TV Series:

In September 2001, G-Unit Films and Lionsgate Television introduced their TV show entitled Black Mafia Family featuring popular musical artists and producers like Curt Jackson, Randy Huggins, Terri Kopp, and Anthony Wilson as part of its production under G-Unit Films & Television Inc. and Lionsgate Television respectively.

This collection was released on 26 September 2021. Renowned American actor Da’Vinchi played Terry Lee Flenory while Demetrius Flenory Jr (Lil Meech) took on his father’s role of Big Meech.

Terry Lee Flenory Prison Sentence and Release :

According to sources, Terry Lee Flenory was arrested in September 2008 and given 30 years’ incarceration due to their illegal sports and drug trafficking business. Terry Lee Flenory made an attempt on 5 May 2020 to go public about COVID-19 within his jail system in an effort to curb its spread within America’s prison system.

Southwest T was scheduled for release by 2032 alongside his brother Big Meech; however, he sought early release following the pandemic that killed nearly forty inmates and infected over two or three hundred prisoners and staff in 2020. Southwest T eventually received bail and returned home, while Big Meech’s request for release was declined by officials.

Terry Lee Flenory’s Facts to Remember:

Rumors began swirling that Terry Lee Flenory would submit to a lie detector test unexpectedly and its details remained obscure. Public curiosity only increased further due to speculation around this development – could this be part of some plea deal or some form of forgiveness for past transgressions?

Suddenly the instrument used to assess someone’s statements became part of Terry’s life story adding another level of drama to an already controversial journey.

As part of his plea bargain or in order to atone for past transgressions, Terry decided to submit himself for a lie detector test; an instrument commonly used to assess veracity when speaking or giving statements had suddenly found itself involved with his narrative and added another layer of complexity into an already controversial life.

FAQ’s –

Q1: What was Terry Lee Flenory’s early life like?

A1: Terry Lee Flenory was raised in a modest neighborhood in Detroit, where he developed his street smarts and entrepreneurial spirit from a young age.

Q2: What led to the rise of BMF under Flenory’s leadership?

A2: Flenory’s strategic acumen and business skills played a crucial role in the rise of the Black Mafia Family (BMF), transforming it into a powerful criminal organization.

Q3: What were Flenory’s notable achievements despite his criminal activities?

A3: Despite his involvement in illicit activities, Flenory showcased remarkable business acumen, establishing a significant empire that influenced the hip-hop industry and popular culture.

Q4: How did Flenory’s legal troubles impact his life and empire?

A4: Flenory’s empire came crashing down when he was arrested and subsequently convicted on charges related to drug trafficking and money laundering. His incarceration marked the end of an era for BMF.

Q5: What is Terry Lee Flenory’s legacy and influence on popular culture?

A5: Flenory’s legacy is multifaceted, inspiring numerous books, movies, and television series. He remains a complex figure, admired by some for his entrepreneurial spirit and criticized by others for his criminal activities.


Terry Flenory and the Black Mafia Family’s rise and fall demonstrate how proper leadership can make waves even within the criminal world. Though we won’t get all the information on it from here on out; perhaps some insight may emerge here too.

An approach for dealing with essential situations requires finding ways to keep yourself grounded while the world conspires against you and in this instance sharing one’s wiki can prove extremely helpful.

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