The 5 Best GRC Software – Full Reviews

The 5 Best GRC Software
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The Best GRC Software: Governance Risk, Compliance, and Governance (GRC) software aids companies in tackling the entire essential documents and cycle to ensure maximum efficiency and readiness. GRC tools are also useful for avoiding and addressing the weaknesses that can adversely impact their frameworks, resources and your business partners.

Additionally, dealing with current and long-haul strategies and the method of your organization can be attempted without the need for an effective GRC procedure in place. In this article you will see the list of 5 best GRC software.

1. IBM OpenPages

It’s on the list of best GRC Software. Used by every semblance of the industry giant General Motors, IBM OpenPages includes Watson offers central administrations as well as essential components that increase the length of the functional risk, strategy and coherence, financial controls for the Board, information technology management and internal audit.

Although any cost per client is prone to becoming unmanageable as the organization grows, IBM OpenPages has an adjustable cost structure that works great for smaller groups who need to manage their expenditure. The annual cost is reasonable enough to earn them top marks in the Incentive for Cost Assessment.

2. Navex RiskRate

RiskRate automatically screens your potential risks against the largest risk information data set: more than 500 records of administrative data, 200 000 astonishing news distributions 1.5 million political exposed people (PEPs) and over 8 million negative media profiles.

Navex RiskRate has the advanced flair and sleek, modern programming. Customers of all levels will feel comfortable and at ease with this kind of connection, which has was a good score in the UX section of the test. It is listed as one of the best GRC Software.

3. Riskonnect

Riskonnect is a global leader in risk management innovation that is coordinated and is the largest RMIS provider. It effortlessly integrates information from a variety of sources, automates regular cycles and employs examination to transform data that is confusing into meaningful information.

Riskonnect offers a wealth of resources for creating, and scoring well in the class for ease-of-use of the test. They have a warm customer service department with a variety of ways to reach their customers, as well as a website featuring an extensive collection of contextual research and tributes to the pioneers of the industry, as well as their online series of courses.

4. Enablon

Enablon is an GRC software designed to use the most granular and hierarchical perspectives to provide the identification of risk-based proof. Dissect is a risk-taking application that makes use of using neckties to determine what causes and effects as well as to determine the preventive and relieving control.

One thing that Enablon excels at is their capability to manage huge datasets effortlessly, and to download the data in Excel as well as PDF or PowerPoint. Furthermore, their tools to set updates or warnings for lapsing grants can be useful.

5. MetricStream

MetricStream GRC smoothes out consistency processes by utilizing normalized work processes , as well as backing for self-evaluations, research, and issues remediation. It offers constant knowledge to ensure consistency through intuitive diagrams and dashboards that allow the user to take a more independent approach.

One of the features of this program is its internal review management offices that allows clients to efficiently and effortlessly smooth and streamline the review process itself. Additionally, the software has the ability to eliminate any duplicates in work or data which saves time for clients.


The selection of the ideal GRC product for your company is a daunting task, but we are confident that the above guidelines and breakdown will give you an advantage early advantage on the way to GRC success.

These are five best GRC Software available and will give you the best options when you evaluate your personal needs and financial plan. A well-informed choice can benefit your business tremendously in the long run.

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