The Best of Maeve Wiley In Sex Education Season 1

Maeve Wiley

In this post, we point out the best of Maeve Wiley character in sex education session 1. I hope, you’ll really enjnoy the character of Maeve Wiley and enjoy reading some of her punches on her friends and collegeous.

Maeve Wiley – Hot tubs aren’t really my thing.-

What is your thing then?

Sex Education Season 1

Maeve Wiley – Complex female characters.

Maeve Wiley – Tell anyone and I’ll maim you. Fuck off, snowflake.- Ah!- Hey, piss flaps.

Hey, Maeve, you look fierce.

Maeve Wiley – You look like a Wotsit.Say that again.

Nice–(thudding blow)Uh!

Maeve Wiley –  Your buttons are done up wrong.

It’s a new look,it’s like an encore, butwith buttons done up wrong.

Maeve Wiley – How fabulous.Don’t be late.

I said stop staring at it!-

Maeve Wiley –  Sorry, it’s like a third leg. What are you waiting for? No.

Sex Education Season

Sorry, sorry.

Maeve Wiley – Why are your arms so freakishly long?- Ta’ra, lad.- See you later, pet.What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Kelly Clarkson, "Poets!"- [Maeve and Otis] Nietzsche. What do you think Woolf meantby the history of men’sopposition to women’s emancipationis more interesting perhapsthan the story of thatemancipation itself?

Maeve Wiley –  That men are dicksand selective castrationis their only hope.You know in rom-coms whenthe guy finally realizeshe’s in love with a girland he turns up with aboombox outside her houseblasting her favorite songand everyone in the audience squibs,yeah, that makes me sick.What about me says school dance?

Don’t you wanna live happily ever after?

Maeve Wiley – Please, do I look like Ihave a Cinderella complex?

Maybe we could go on a date sometimes?-

Maeve Wiley – You wanted tokeep this a secret thenand now you wanna go on a date, do you?

Yeah, yeah, I do.- That’s me getting a wig.- Maeve Wiley,this is for you.♪ Baby, love really hurts without you ♪- [Boy] Go on, Jackson.- Will you please be my girlfriend?

Maeve Wiley –  Dickhead.(cheering)

We’ve made sushi. Ooh, and I’ve just realizedit’s got shellfish in, you’re not allergic, are you?

Yeah, I’ll die. Just kidding.- Oh!- Have you considered thepossibility of adoption?- I don’t think anyone wouldwant a pregnant 17-year old.-

Maeve Wiley –  hi!Why are we in an abortion clinic? (light melancholic music)Oh!

He looks sweet. Don’t really seem like your type though.- He’s not.- A little bit of advice, lovey,if you want a happy life, youkeep the sweet ones around.

Maeve Wiley – Don’t need a Mum, thanks.

Okay, Einstein.Just take my bloody hand.(sighing)Not as tough as you look. It’s been a shitty day.- Hi.- You waited?- Of course.- Are those flowers for me?

Maeve Wiley –  Yeah,it seems a bit inappropriate now.

No, no, I like them,nothing says HappyAbortion like a bouquet.

Maeve Wiley – You really think so?


Maeve Wiley – What did you do, what the hell?

– You look like the Cookie Monster.

You’re compellingly odd, Milburn.

Dropped something?

Maeve Wiley – No.

– No, why are you ogling the ground then?

– I’m not.
– You are.

It’s unsettling.

Speaking as a longtime member

of the Moredale Social
Pariah Club, you’ll survive.

Do you know how long I’ve
been called cock biter?

Four years, do you know how it started?

Simon tried to kiss me at
Claire Tyler’s 14th birthday,

I said no, so he told everyone
I’d given him a blowjob

and bitten his dick and that was it.

This kind of thing sticks.

You don’t know how lucky you are,

she gets up every morning
to take you swimming,

she goes to all your races,
she cries when you lose.

– Yeah, why–
– Yeah, she shows you

every day that she loves
you, what’s the problem?

It might be annoying,
but at least she cares.

– I really liked your essay.
– You haven’t read my essay.

– No, but I did hear it.

It’s very bleak.
– Depends on your perspective.

– Only you could turn the topic of dreams

into existential angst.

– Pessimists outlive optimists.

– I’m so sorry that I hurt you,

you saw something in me
when no one else did.

I’m a virgin.
– What?

– I, I’m a virgin and I thought
you should know that I am.

– Yeah, that’s totally cool, no judgment.

– Cool.
– I’m dumping you for her.

– She’s a slag.
– Yeah, you’re right,

but so am I.

– I’m not a slag.
– Neither, just sounded good.

– Please tell us why you
should stay at this school.

– I’m really smart, sir,

I’d read all of Jane
Austen by the time I was 12

including her lesser
known work, "Lady Susan,"

which is a severely underrated
piece of feminist literature.

I can also gauge the
depths of Mr. Hendricks’

personal despair based on
his choice of Hawaiian shirt.

I’m really smart.

I just got unlucky in
the family department.

– But you do have a dress, right?

– Yeah, yeah, of course,
I’m not a troglodyte.

(upbeat rock music)


You tell anyone about this, I’ll kill you.

I have a hatchet and I know a good place

to hide a body, okay.

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