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If you are an avid gamer and you frequently play at various online casinos, chances are that you have come across articles with lists of the best casinos online. But, are these best casinos really the best? Can anyone claim to See many of the best casinos be better than the best?

In my personal opinion, the best casinos are the real money casino sites. Sites that offer you top-quality gaming and real cash payouts are the best casinos. Are they real money casino sites? No, there’s always room for improvement, though no one can claim to have mastered the art of perfection quite like the top online casinos.

But rest assured, no matter where you play your favorite online casino games today, you will never find anywhere else to play like there are with the top casinos today. And while we’re on the subject of casinos; it’s safe to say that the best online casinos will always beat out the land-based casinos’ hands down.

There may be exceptions sometimes, but as a general rule, the land-based casinos offer you far less variety in casino games and the games themselves are pretty boring. But that said; good old fashion casino games are still some of the best around!


So, where do you find the best online casinos?

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Well, since many of the best casinos online out there are members of the Association of Casino and Online Business, they are required to meet certain wagering requirements. So it goes without saying that the best online casinos are legit. Now, as it pertains to the kind of wagering requirements the best casinos have in place; the simple fact of the matter is this: the more generous welcome bonuses they offer their members, the better off they are in terms of wagering requirements.

Many of the top casinos today (as well as many of the lesser-known ones) have generous welcome bonuses that allow their members to wager an incredible amount of money on all the games offered. That’s right: they’ve done all the math and figured out that if they give away so much free money to their members, they’ll get many return customers and keep their casinos full and happy.

Now then, it seems like it would be impossible for any casino, let alone the best online casino to not offer such an awesome welcome bonus. But even so, not all the best casinos are members of association casinos, which means they cannot offer such generous bonuses.


Government Restrictions on Online Casino Business

As it turns out, when a casino is required by law to be licensed by the governorship of gaming in a particular country, all they can do is offer a regulated experience for their clients. In other words, no matter how rich the owner of the virtual casino happens to be, they can’t make their money go too far because the government has set restrictions on how their money should be spent.

Therefore, there are strict limitations on the amounts of money any virtual casino can legally give away as bonuses, and they usually only come in the form of either cash or prizes, and not the free money that you were probably hoping to receive in return for playing online gambling.

On top of that, many online gambling websites have been found to be illegally running auctions via the Internet, where they were extracting money from their users through fraudulent means.


Bonuses Provide by Online Casino Websites

But that’s not all, because this is just the tip of the iceberg. The very fact that you’re reading this article right now, indicates that your chances of winning at any given website have practically nothing to do with whether you have access to a live dealer game or not.

Furthermore, the fact that you’re interested in finding out more about what kind of bonuses certain websites are offering their customers also points to the fact that most live dealer games are now offered through digital download formats, meaning that you don’t have to pay anything upfront to enjoy them. In fact, you would probably benefit more financially by opting for a slot machine that doesn’t require a download.


Blackjack Variants:

Not only that but there are also many blackjack variants available on these sites, some of which are no doubt easier to beat than others. For example, it wouldn’t take you long at all to beat the best blackjack variants that are being offered by any given online casino.

However, many slot machines on these sites are set up to cheat users out of their money. They use cheats to edge out players, making it impossible for any user to tell whether he is actually going to win any money off of any given machine.

If you’re interested in playing slot machines for real cash without having to risk your hard-earned money, then these are probably the best online slots you could find, because they offer you the best combination of convenience and genuine casino play.

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