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The Best Skylight Calendar Alternatives With A Variety Of Features

The Best Skylight Calendar Alternatives With A Variety Of Features
Written by Editor N4GM

Skylight Calendar is an incredible Wi-Fi-connected smart display that uses picture slideshows to illustrate upcoming events with schedules and images that you select. This device provides incredible color clarity while fitting neatly on any desk, kitchen counter, or wall space.

However it can be costly and has privacy concerns, so many users do not prefer it. So they look for other solutions such as Skylight Calendar alternatives. If this post interests you too, continue reading for guidance in finding an ideal one!

Best Skylight Calendar Alternatives 2023

There are numerous Calendar apps and gadgets available, but selecting the ideal one for your needs might be difficult. Some of the greatest skylight calendar choices are listed below to fit and fulfill your every demand.

1. Dollarbird

Dollarbird Calendar provides users with more features than an ordinary calendar, making it more useful and accessible. This app’s primary functionality is as a personal finance tracker for you. Easily track past, future, and recurring transactions using AI to sort them accordingly.

At first, you may find the interface difficult to use; but with time and experience comes familiarity and full understanding. This program also allows you to communicate with family, team, and partner members while handling cash and money concerns collaboratively.


  • With this AI-based calendar, you can track your expenses and plan your budget accordingly.
  • It allows you to add your partner or family member to collaborate on a budget.
  • The application is very efficient and lets you add all the transactions quickly.

2. DigiCal+

DigiCal+ is second on my list because of its interesting functionality and fantastic customization choices that will meet all of your calendar needs.

There are several layouts with various color options that you may use to make your calendar look more appealing. Users can easily sync various services like Google Calendar, iOS Calendar, Outlook, and Exchange quickly.


  • You may display events directly on your home screen by using widgets, particularly the month and day.
  • It comes in 42 different colors.
  • It offers a year view with a heat map to analyze your free and busy periods throughout the year.
  • You can also change the snooze settings.

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3. CalenGoo

The CalenGoo is the third Skylight Calendar option on my list because it offers a simple UI and several great features that set it apart from others.

Its strongest point is its smooth interaction with both Google and iOS calendars. This program has all of the calendar functions you require and can make your work easier and more efficient.


  • It allows you to use it in a variety of ways, including Day View, Week View, Month View, Agenda View, Year View, Tasks View, and so on.
  • You can schedule an event and it will remind you by email, texts, and pop-ups.
  • It syncs with Google Calendar and shows the due day task in the Calendar view as well as all tasks in the Task view.

4. Yodeck

Yodeck is another app on my list that has fantastic aesthetics and a straightforward UI for managing your schedule all in one spot.

It allows you to schedule diverse content for the appropriate viewers and manage several screens in a single location to publish, edit, and show content remotely. Yodeck offers a high level of security that you can rely on to easily encrypt in-app storage.


  • You can use the free layouts and widgets to make the in-app content more appealing.
  • It enables you to display numerous media assets on-screen, including documents, YouTube videos, stock pictures, and video galleries.
  • It is incredibly simple to set up their Plug & Play Yodeck player without wasting much time.

5. Rainlendar

Rainlendar is a desktop calendar that allows you to keep track of all significant events directly on your desktop. Download it to your Mac, Linux, or Windows computer and immediately use it!

Connect your Google Calendar for seamless backup and tracking of events and settings as well as dates. To display different statistics on your desktop, you can utilize widget add-ons such as a photo frame, countdown, file viewer, weather, and RSS feed reader.


  • It allows you to set an alarm for a certain occasion and receive an alert before the deadline.
  • You can print a particular event or a calendar layout.
  • It includes many customizable themes that you can use to tailor the interface and personalize it as per your taste.

6. TimeTree Family Calendar

TimeTree Family Calendar is the final name on the list of Skylight Calendar alternatives. It’s designed for families to exchange schedules and times, as the name implies. It features an intuitive user interface with easily accessible settings that even newcomers to this software may navigate easily.

This software distinguishes itself from the competitors owing to its ease of use: users can simply share calendars and information with family, partners, friends, and others.


  • Your timeline displays updates from around the globe to ensure that you never miss an important news event.
  • Set reminders for significant events to be notified, or share the event with someone else to remind you.

7. DAKboard

DAKboard is another Skylight Calendar Alternative on my list that you should try; you will not be disappointed. Users may view images, calendars, watches, weather, and other information on this configurable smart wall calendar.

DAKboard’s best feature is its low cost and ease of integration with your existing smart home system. However, this device has a limitation in that you cannot add shared Google photos to your events, which may be an issue for you. You can, however, link the specific photo to your Google account to show it.


  • It can easily be synced with Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Facebook, and other calendars.
  • You can select different agenda styles to view your events.
  • It allows you to authorize your Instagram, Google Photos, Dropbox, etc. accounts to let it display different photos in regular time intervals.

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