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The History Of Cockfight & How It Spreads Around The World


In America, horse racing is so popular but mostly, it is also popular around the world especially western countries. Meanwhile, cockfight has made its name throughout Asia and now, people around the world also enjoy it the same thanks to technology.

However, this is not a new game that has been introduced recently because the history of cockfight has begun before Christ. It is better to stop playing and start reading more to know the history of this unique betting game.

The History Of Cockfight: The Beginning

Though it is similar to horse racing, the method you will use to play cockfight is totally different. In horse racing, the horse will compete each other to reach the finish line and the players who bet on certain horse and win the game might get the money. Meanwhile, cockfight is literally cock fighting which you can see two strong cocks fighting each other until one of them is knocked down or perhaps, dead. You can also try to play cockfight game online via live in judi sabung ayam, so you can bet to your chosen cock and you will get the money if your cock win. When you talk about history of cockfight, it has begun before Christ even before it became one of sports.

Cock or bird generally was described as the admirable animal especially for men because it ws drawn respect from them. However, cockfight at that time was not seen as the betting activity but as the religious worship subject. Cockfight was described as a deity by the ancient Syrians while Romans and Greeks associated this activity with the gods Mars, Mercury and Apollo. In Borneo, Indonesia, bird is believed to protect the people from evil demons. This activity was worshipped so much in Sumatera.

You can even see the temple which was built to respect it and also there was a performance for bird to honor the deity. This activity happened in the temples and the dead bird that lost the fight was presented to deities. At that time, the bird was bunt on the altar and the ash would be placed in the golden pot. Cockfight was so popular before Christ around 3,000 years ago during the times of the Canaanites, Hebrews and Phoenicians. Breeding cocks for fighting was seen as the art and it was so profitable for some reasons.


The History Of Cockfight And The Reason Why People Like It Most


During the time of Moses in Egypt, cockfight became the most favorite activity. As the history of cockfight continues, Persian traders really loved gambling by making their birds fighting against each other. They also brought their birds along with them to the marketplaces for fighting and also in the trading centers. Right after Christ approximately in the first century, Julius Caesar made Rome enjoying cockfight as sport and he was known as the first Rome citizen to be so enthusiastic of sport.

Caesar introduced cockfight to England and it became popular in the 16th century and even, it was held at the Whitehall palace during the time of King Henry VIII. This activity became the national sport and the schools there were asked to teach all students about cockfight from walking, breeding and all things related to cockfight even church yards including the inside of church were used as the cockfighting arena. However, Queen Victoria of England banned this activity in the 17th century.

This game is almost nonexistent but the breed of gamecocks still exists in the British Isles. Meanwhile in Spain, this activity has existed for long time. In Spain, this game is kind of popular especially in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Oviedo and Bilbao. There are so many breeders from Philippines who travel to Spain to get the ideal birds to breed. That is why, many cocks for fighting in the Philippines have the strong blood strain of Spanish cocks. Cockfight also arrived in United States and some US presidents loved this game.


The History Of Cockfight And The Development Today

Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were known to like this kind of game. It was accepted so well and encouraged for all men to be expert on this game. For some reasons, US became the cockfight center and events. This activity was held in president’s committee rooms and it became the national emblem. However, this game lost by only one vote to American Eagle and this activity declined during Civil War. In this modern era, cockfight can be enjoyed through online gambling site.

This game is still alive and it doesn’t disappear at all from the history of cockfight so you can still play this game and bet on the arena using online innovation. Technology has brought this game into the simpler version so anyone can play no matter where you live. Here are some advantages you need to know about online cockfight such as:

1. It Is Simpler And More Practical

When you are interested in this game, you don’t have to search for the real dealer who holds cockfight events at all because there is no guarantee at all for you to find the real dealer in your city or country. Not all countries allow this game because it belongs to the gambling activity using real money. Some countries might ban this activity because it is related to animal protection. That is why, you can find it on online gambling site legally. You don’t have to make yourself tired at all to play this game by finding the real dealer. You can place your bets on the cock fighting events right from your home by accessing your PC or phone and enjoy the game just like watching sport match.


2. Online Cockfight Covers All Events And Tournaments Around The World

If you play this game live or directly on the spot, then what you see there becomes your bet. It means, you only bet for what you see since you might not find many tournaments held in one day. In other words, the profit you get is small. However, if you play online cockfight, you can play all cock fighting tournaments round the world even at the same time. It is because the online betting site can cover the entire events easily so you will not just play the betting market in your country but also globally from Asia, Europe, America and all.

After knowing the history of cockfight, you must consider it twice when you want to play this game because this is not just any gambling game you can find like others but you should be more serious in playing this game to win.

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