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The Robust Network Set-Up for Gaming

The Robust Network Set-Up for Gaming
Written by James Smith

Have you ever felt need a strong connection to the internet while playing a lagging game? You are not alone. Whatever your choice of the game may be, you must have the best kicking speed on the internet so that your gameplay can survive the disturbance in the network system.

If you are lacking speed, you will experience an unpleasant affair such as the game being stopped by itself, defeated before trying, or simply a delay or lagging throughout the gameplay. By using a certain internet provider and a set of equipment, you will fit your game into any condition that requires the internet speed possible. If you want to purchase internet at a high speed, you can earn some money by playing gambling online in daftar poker online.

Having said that, there might be some of you who do not get an idea of how the online game that basically needs internet speed runs smoothly in your gaming gear. For that to work without lagging, you need internet speed.


What Is Actually Internet Speed, Though?

Basically, it is a metric or simply a flow of data that is transferred from one server to another computer so that any data processed in the computer can run smoothly.

At this moment, any activities concerning online games, watching films, or streaming can be conducted. However, if you are new to the online world, you should know about the specific set of words about the internet world.


1. Download

The download is basically the data that is transferred from the internet to your device being used. This process is essential whenever you want to obtain a film or a video clip from YouTube. Depending on your internet speed, you will either be sluggish or swift in speed. The speed is usually measured in Mbps or megabits per second.


2. Upload Speed

The data that is transferred from your device to the internet is simply called upload. As you wish to transfer your data such as video, photos, or other documents to the internet, you will need a massive speed of internet so that your process can be smooth. Just like download, the speed is measured in Mbps and the faster the upload the comfortable you will get in doing your gaming.


3. Latency

As we have talked about the speed, let us talk about the time. As you have the internet at your disposal, you will need to use your internet package. These packages are measured in milliseconds. It is important that you also have a big amount of internet package so that the internet will run out slower. Additionally, the lower latency rates the faster the game can process its glitches and laggings.


4. Ping

If the latency is the transfer of your data from your device to the server, ping is the data packages being transferred to the webserver that provides your internet. It is also measured in milliseconds and it is necessary for your gaming smoothness. If you have got the lowest ping rate, it is guaranteed that the online game mechanics you play will be more synced.

As we have discussed the terminology of the internet world, let us dive into the more practical approach to internet usage. Depending on your necessity, you must to decide which type of internet speed may serve your best interest in gaming. Of course, you will want to choose the most powerful speed that you can afford and get it to work as soon as possible. Below are three types of internet speed.


5. DSL

DSL is the perfect choice for the internet connection when it comes to gaming, especially for those who can only afford an average amount of money. It uses telephone lines and comes with a stingy cost. Most of the time, the speed can surprisingly go up to 100 Mbps stays balanced at 35 Mbps. Depending on what type of internet provider you use, the cost and the speed might vary themselves.


6. Cable

While DSL utilizes the existing telephone lines, a cable connection takes advantage of television lines and transmits the internet package back and forth from the server to the gaming device. This option might be more preferable than its counterpart – DSL – as it gives low-cost leverage with a high speed of internet. By observing your living area, the speed can range from 10 Mbps to 900 Mbps.


7. Fiber Optic

As for the most advanced internet connection out there, it goes to the fiber optic. This specific type uses fiber-optic glass that can transmit any type of data without any difficulties. However, it is usually rare to find this kind of connection as it is mostly found in the modern city.

Nevertheless, using this connection will grant you the highest speed of the internet that can reach 1 Gig speeds. As for the internet provider, Spectrum has the most compelling offer that you can purchase with a Hybrid-Fiber Coax connection and can go up to 900Mbps. All of that comes with $49.99 a month of payment.


Now that you have looked into the internet connection, you must set up your gaming equipment such as a PC, PS4, or other gaming portable devices. When we are talking about speed, the requirement of standard speed on a console is usually around 3 Mbps for download and 1Mbps for upload.

However, when you use a PC, it can range from 3 Mbps to 6 Mbps and the upload stays the same as the others. Having one of those gaming devices should be adequate to play many genres of games such as RPG, FPS, or multiplayer online games.

Ultimately, the choice of your gaming device and the internet provider might decide your gaming experience.

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