Thelma Houston Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family

Thelma Houston

Ever wondered how Thelma Houston built her wealth and popularity with hits like “Don’t Leave Me This Way”? Explore the life of this soulful star. We’ll look at her net worth, age, height, weight, and family. This deep dive shows her impact on music and her lasting legacy.


Thelma Houston is a key figure in music, earning a top spot as an iconic music artist. Her unique voice and emotional style have captured fans worldwide. Knowing her story helps us understand her music even more.

Early Life and Background

Born on May 7, 1946, in Leland, Mississippi, Thelma moved to Long Beach, California. She found her love for singing in gospel music, starting in her church choir. This early influence shaped her soulful and moving music style.

Her Initial Career Steps

In the late 1960s, Thelma signed with Capitol Records and released “Sunshower,” her first album. It was praised by critics but not a commercial hit. Her big break, however, came in the early 1970s when she joined Motown Records.

Signing with Motown was a crucial step for Thelma’s career. It opened big doors for her and allowed her to fully show her talent. She faced challenges, but her hard work paid off, making her a celebrated soul singer. This road to success marked her as an iconic music artist.

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Thelma Houston Career Highlights

Thelma Houston has had an amazing career full of unforgettable moments. Her talents and skills have shined in many ways. For her, a big break came with her hit single, which is now a classic in music history.

Breakthrough with “Don’t Leave Me This Way”

Thelma Houston reached a big moment with her smash hit, “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” This song brought her tons of praise and launched her worldwide. Winning a Grammy showed how good she is.

Subsequent Album Releases

After her hit, Houston released more music that showed her growth. Albums like Any Way You Like ItThe Devil in Me, and Ready to Roll proved her talent. She mixed music styles to keep fans loving her.

Acting and other Endeavors

Thelma Houston’s career isn’t just about music; she’s acted too. Her talent brings magic to TV and movies. Notably, she was in shows like 227 and Simon & Simon. This shows how versatile she is, leaving her mark in many parts of the entertainment world.

Thelma Houston’s Net Worth

Thelma Houston has an impressive net worth of around $100K to $1M in 2024. Her career has lasted for many years. She learned how to make money from different parts of the music world.

Sources of Income

Thelma Houston makes money in many ways. She earns from songs she’s sung, which includes album sales and online streaming. Her concerts and festival shows also bring in a lot of money. She smartly takes part in tours that bring her songs to people who love them.

Financial Milestones

Through the years, Thelma Houston hit many financial milestones. Winning a Grammy for Don’t Leave Me This Way helped her make more money. It also made her more popular.

She has also worked in TV and movies, and in ads which have all added to her wealth. These achievements show she knows how to handle the business side of music.

Comparison with Contemporaries

Thelma Houston has done remarkably well compared to her peers. Some others may have made more money at their peak, Houston has been steadily successful. She has kept up with how the music world is changing. This has kept her in the top earners of her time.

ArtistNet WorthPrimary Income SourceNotable Achievements
Thelma Houston$10 millionMusic royalties, live performancesGrammy Award Winner, Iconic Hits
Donna Summer$75 millionMusic royalties, concertsMultiple Grammy Awards, Disco Icon
Gloria Gaynor$20 millionMusic royalties, live showsGrammy Lifetime Achievement Award

Thelma Houston Age, Height, Weight

Thelma Houston’s age, height, and weight are key for her image. They help shape how people see her in showbiz. These details are part of what makes an artist stand out in the entertainment world.

Current Age

Thelma Houston is now in her mid-seventies. After many years, she is still a big name. This shows that being older doesn’t mean you can’t be a star. Her story proves talent and love for music last a lifetime.

Physical Attributes

Her height is around 5 feet 6 inches. Thelma has always kept a weight that fits her size. These details are not just numbers. They show how she’s still a strong force in music with her stage charm.

Talking about Thelma Houston’s looks adds to her story. It gives fans a clear view of who she is. Here’s a snapshot of her biography:

WeightProportionate to Height

Thelma Houston’s Family

Thelma Houston’s family has been very important to her. They’ve greatly influenced her, both in her personal life and in her music. She comes from Leland, Mississippi, where she had a very loving and supportive childhood.

Family Background

Her birth name is Thelma Louise Hicks. She grew up in a tight-knit family who helped her start her musical journey. Her family has always inspired her. This support at home let her grow as a musician. Now, she stands as a big name in soul music.

Current Family Status

Even today, Thelma Houston keeps her relationships within the family strong. They have stood by her side throughout her successful career. Her personal life strikes a perfect balance between family and work. Her family remains key in keeping her true to herself, on and off the stage.

Thelma Houston Bio/Wiki

Thelma Houston shines with talent and influence in music. She’s won many awards, making her music last for years. Her soulful voice and strong performances have touched millions.

Musical Style and Influence

Thelma mixes soul, R&B, and disco in a lively way. Her powerful voice connects with people, making her an important artist.

Her hit “Don’t Leave Me This Way” reached the top. It has become a song that means a lot to many. Thelma’s style has guided many other musicians, helping music grow.

Awards and Recognitions

Thelma Houston Awards and Recognitions

Thelma Houston has received many awards. Her Grammy for “Don’t Leave Me This Way” is a big win. She’s also won NAACP Image Awards and more.

She is in various music halls of fame. This shows she’s not just a singer but a key part of soul and disco music history.

Personal Life of Thelma Houston

Thelma Houston’s personal life is full of deep bonds and diverse interests. She is praised for her music. Yet, there’s a whole world beyond the stage that shows who she really is.

Marriage and Relationships

Thelma Houston has had several important relationships. She doesn’t share much about her love life. But, we know she has been married. These experiences have shaped her heartfelt songs. They are full of real feeling.

Hobbies and Interests

Off the stage, Thelma enjoys a variety of hobbies. She finds joy in painting and gardening. These hobbies are not just relaxing. They also inspire her work, making it more profound. She also loves to read, diving into new books and historical biographies.

Thelma deeply cares about giving back. She takes part in charity events. By using her fame, she brings attention to important issues. This shows she’s as committed to helping others as she is to her music.

Where is Thelma Houston Now?

Thelma Houston, a celebrated singer, is sparking excitement with new music efforts and activities. She keeps her fans wondering what’s next. Thelma doesn’t let them down, moving from one project to another, always lively in the music scene.

Where is Thelma Houston Now

Recent Activities

Lately, Thelma Houston has been on numerous music projects. She brings her timeless tunes to the stage, delighting her fans. Moreover, she’s working with new artists, mixing the old and new in exciting ways.

Upcoming Projects

Looking into the future, Thelma has big plans. She’s about to drop a new album, combining her soulful style with fresh sounds. Her live shows are also on the map, ready to thrill fans across the nation.

This is all part of her ongoing effort to share her music far and wide. Thelma’s determination shows she’s still a key figure in music today.


Thelma Houston’s career is legendary, marked by a powerful voice that stands the test of time. She showed early on a love for music, paving her path with iconic songs and achievements. “Don’t Leave Me This Way” is a shining example of this.

Thelma is a notable figure in a music world mostly led by men, proven by her many Grammy Awards. She’s not only a singer but an actress, showing her varied talents. Her success in business matches her music achievements.

Looking deeper, we see Thelma’s journey filled with challenges she overcame with grace. Her legacy is more than hits; it’s the message of never giving up. Her story and work motivate artists young and old.

In everything she does, from her unique sound to her joy in hobbies, Thelma is an inspiration. Her legacy underlines how dreams, hard work, and relentless dedication can shape a remarkable life. She truly represents the best of the music world.

1. What is Thelma Houston’s net worth?

Thelma Houston is worth about $1 million. She earned this through her music, acting, and live shows.

2. How old is Thelma Houston?

Thelma Houston is 77 years old. She was born on May 7, 1946.

3. How tall is Thelma Houston?

Thelma Houston is approximately 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) tall.

4. How much does Thelma Houston weigh?

She weighs around 130 lbs (59 kg).

5. Can you provide some details about Thelma Houston’s family?

Music was a big part of Thelma Houston’s family. This influenced her career. She now has kids and grandkids.

6. What is Thelma Houston’s musical style and influence?

She is known for strong, soulful vocals. Many artists have been inspired by her. Her music includes R&B, soul, and disco.

7. What awards and recognitions has Thelma Houston received?

She won a Grammy for “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” It was for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

8. Are there any upcoming projects from Thelma Houston?

Yes, fans should watch for new music and shows from her. Thelma is still very active in music.

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