The Art of the Cross-Country Commute: 6 Tips for a Productive Workcation

Productive Workcation

Suppose you need a little time off to recharge, but you’re not prepared to cash in on your vacation time quite yet.

A workcation is a trip that combines work with leisure for a best-of-both-worlds approach to out-of-office time. Often these trips take place on a road trip or at an exotic vacay destination, making them ideal for people who already work remotely.

The art of the cross-country commute is all about preparation. Below are a few ways you can ensure your next workcation lives up to you and your manager’s wildest hopes and dreams.


Workation Essentials

Before you can set out on your half-work half-play getaway, you need a packing list that will help you make the most of your trip. Here is a brief list of the must-pack essentials that you shouldn’t hit the road without:

With those workcation essentials packed away, you’ll have all the items you need for adventure. Now, it’s time to consider six of the best ways you can ensure your workcation is not only enjoyable but productive.


1. Use a Virtual Mailbox

One of the most common motives for a workcation is to take a break without work piling up in the meantime. A virtual mailbox from iPostal1 is one example of a productivity aid that will keep you in the know while you’re OOO. These services will store, forward, and recycle your mail for you while you’re on the road. You can also view your mail remotely at any time, whether on the beach or in the air.


2. Find places where you can work comfortably

When you first arrive at your destination, you should seek out the best places to do your work. Find a quiet and calm location to allow you to engage in a deep focus on your work. The site you choose should also have a great Internet connection so you can stay connected with all of your colleagues. Finding a quiet workspace in advance will save you any relaxation-killing stress the next time you’re ready to hit the clock.


3. Back up all your data

Data is one of the most crucial parts of a modern company, and you can’t risk losing or compromising important information while on a workcation. Create backups of all of your vital data before you leave to ensure that your operations are safe. Additionally, you should install a VPN on your computer for protection if you’re traveling out of the country.


4. Set clear goals

Without setting clear goals, you’ll have no idea whether your workcation was productive or not. Make sure to set expectations for your output before your trip begins. These will keep your R&R in balance with your ROI.


5. Find the right balance

While productivity is a must on a workcation, you can’t forget the leisurely side of things. Be sure to schedule plenty of time to unwind and detach from your work life. If you don’t take any time to relax, then what was the point of your trip?


6. Control your notifications

If your phone rings off the hook on your workcation, you won’t be able to work or relax. So, while you should bring all the gadgets you need, you should also be selective about how much time and attention you grant to buzzes and dings.


Wrap up

When you go on a workation, your goal should be to relax while also ensuring you’re on top of your most important work tasks. As long as you take time to prepare and follow a few essential productivity tips, your workation is sure to be a success.

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