5 Tips For Designing Your Perfect She Shed

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For many years, men have had their man caves….and garages…and home offices. Perhaps it’s time that we had our own space, too?

But rather than turning a spare bedroom into a craft room or a closet into a reading room, why not get out of the house – away from the kids – and create your very own she shed?


5 She Shed Design Tips Worth Considering


The beautiful thing about a she shed is that it can be anything you want it to be!

“While so-called man caves tend to revolve around television and beer drinking and drinking beer while watching television, she sheds can be anything from a crafting cottage to an idyllic potting shed for making fairy gardens to a getaway with just enough room for a quiet place to read with a glass of tea,” Southern Living explains.

The first step is to decide what you want your she shed to be used for. And once you have some ideas, you can begin the most fun part of the process: planning the design!

1. Make It Your Style

It’s important that your she shed be a direct reflection of you. This is a space where you should feel comfortable, relaxed, and creative. Don’t let other people get in your head and tell you what they think you should do. Embrace what you feel is right.


2. Be Sure You’re Clear To Proceed

Before you start dreaming too big, there are some practical details that you might need to work through – particularly if you live in a neighborhood or planned community.

“HOA shed restrictions could get in your way when you’re planning a custom backyard storage shed,” A-Shed explains. “If you live in an area governed by a homeowners association, don’t get too far along in the build before checking the rules that all property owners must follow when erecting outdoor structures (or making any updates at all!) on their property.”

Once you’re cleared, you can resume the dreaming process and move another step closer to having the she shed you deserve.


3. Make It Easy To Maintain

Nobody wants to spend their time constantly cleaning and maintaining their she shed. And though there will always be a certain amount of upkeep required, a little intentionality in the design process can eliminate the need for excessive maintenance.

One tip is to keep things simple. A minimalistic approach to design, combined with the use of low maintenance materials, goes a long way towards creating a space that’s both enjoyable and easy on the eyes.


4. Keep It Comfortable

There will always be several weeks in the spring and fall when the weather is perfect and you’re able to enjoy your she shed with the windows and doors open. But what about seasonal extremities in the middle of the summer or the dead days of winter?

Comfort is a huge part of designing a usable she shed, so be sure to consider your options in this regard. Space heaters are excellent for keeping your she shed warm during the winter, while fans can be used to keep temperatures cooler when the weather peaks in the summer months. You might have to get creative in order to find a solution that works for your space.


5. Be Open To Change

Resist the urge for your she shed to be perfect before moving in and putting it to use. If you wait until every last detail is precisely how you want it, you’ll never use the space.

It’s also important to understand your expectations, wants, and style will change over time. And as you get settled in, you might find that you want to shift the seating arrangement, add more lighting, repaint the walls, etc. That’s okay! Embrace change and let your space evolve.


Design The She Shed Of Your Dreams

Every she shed is going to be different. It’s important that you don’t try to copy and paste someone else’s design. While you can certainly pull inspiration from different places, you want this to be your she shed – a unique expression of your own personal tastes, desires, and functional needs. And if you take the time to be hands on in the design phase, you’ll enjoy it that much more when it’s finally done.

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