6 Tips for Integrating SMS Marketing in Social Media Campaigns

Tips for Integrating SMS Marketing in Social Media Campaigns

SMS marketing is a powerful way to reach your target audience with personalized messages. It’s an effective method of communication that can help you build relationships with customers, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

With a 98% open rate, SMS marketing is becoming more popular for businesses of all sizes due to its effectiveness and affordability. You may be losing out on important promotion and outreach opportunities if you are not using SMS marketing in conjunction with your social media campaign.

If you want to start integrating SMS marketing with your social media campaign but you are not sure where to begin, below we share six tips that will help you make an impact.

Create Text-to-Win Contests

Text-to-win campaigns are among the most common SMS marketing techniques. They can be integrated into almost any social media campaign such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, to generate more traffic. However, you first need to determine your target audience.

For instance, if you use Instagram the most, you should work on growing your Instagram followers, so you can achieve your goals. Once you have an audience that is interested in your brand, you can easily promote your text-to-win campaign. The goals of this campaign can include generating leads, maximizing participation, increasing conversions and brand awareness, etc.

You can use your social media handles to ask people to text a keyword at a specific number, and then inform them of the rewards that will follow. You can then create the text message body, and use your CRM tool to set up automated sequences. This will guide the participants on the next steps.

Text-to-win contests usually include giveaways, tickets to events, discounts, early access, or vacation packages. These campaigns can also be used to create buzz around a brand and are particularly helpful whenever a new service or product is launched.

Create an Automated Reply Text Campaign

When brands run text-to-win campaigns, they will ask participants to send a keyword so they can enter the contest. After the contestants text the keyword, they’re entered into the competition.

But it doesn’t end there. Brands can use this opportunity to include a reply automatically once they message the keyword. You can send a thank you message and include a link to your social media pages to give them more information about your brand.

Use SMS to Ask for Subscriptions

SMS is an effective way to encourage customer engagement, build loyalty, and drive sales. You can use SMS to offer incentives through text for following, liking, sharing, etc.

Since reading a text message is much more convenient for the user and reaches them instantly, an SMS is an effective way to get followers or promote a call to action. By sending out timely reminders and offers via SMS messages, you can encourage customers to subscribe and stay engaged with your brand.

Stay in Touch with Your Audience

Stay in Touch with Your Audience
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Integrating SMS marketing into social media campaigns allows you to stay in constant contact with your audience. Since text messages are opened within minutes of being received, this goes to show that SMS marketing and social media channels go hand in hand.

Text messages can be used to notify your customers of any updates, contests, or upcoming campaigns on your social media page. You can also curate the messages based on your audience’s needs and send them messages relevant to your social media postings.

Create Targeted SMS Campaigns with Social Media Analytics

You will not get many responses if you send text messages randomly to your clients. A social media analytics tool can be used to create a highly-targeted SMS campaign. You can segment the audience with a social media campaign based on different filters, such as age and gender, location, purchase history, etc. You can use this information to send your audience personalized text messages that are suited to their needs.

Social media analytics also helps you save time, by allowing you to track the results of your SMS campaign and encourage your audience to follow your social media handles.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another way to integrate SMS marketing into your social media campaign. Influencer marketing is the result of a partnership between a brand and an influencer, in which the latter promotes the brand’s products or services through their social media handles.

This type of marketing can be used in SMS and social media campaigns. Brands can ask influencers to mention keywords in their posts, which will help customers subscribe to SMS marketing. Influencers have large followings, so it will help brands to expand their reach.

Final Thoughts

SMS marketing is one of the best ways to nurture client relationships. With its low costs of implementation, text messaging is one of the most effective ways for marketers to identify and generate leads, increase conversions, and enhance brand awareness. If you want to take your brand to the next level, combine it with social media campaigns and you’ll make sure that your audience is engaged at all times.

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