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Tips To Choose The Perfect Antique Dining Table

Tips To Choose The Perfect Antique Dining Table

When it comes to antique dining tables, there are a lot of options out there. The dining table is the central attraction of any home, acting as a place of gathering for family mealtimes.

You can easily get confused. From the size of the table to the material to the design, you have to consider many factors when making sure you have the perfect antique dining table.

Tips To Choose The Perfect Antique Dining Table

1. Size

First, measure the area with a minimum 90cm (approximately 3ft) separation between the wall or other furniture pieces and your table. Anything below that threshold will make the table look too big and the space cramped.

The size of the table that will fit in your room will give you a rough idea of how many people it can seat. The rule of thumb is 60cm width per person, to sit comfortably.

In terms of height, French tables are typically 75cm in length, and the goal here is to comfortably fit your knees beneath the apron of the table. But, if you want you want to raise the table according to your requirements.

2. Wood

Wood is a product that is reliable in the long run. Rosewood, Sheesham, and Satinwood as well as other imported wood can be a fantastic option for dining tables.

When choosing an oak dining table, you may also select an additional design for the table’s top, and you can also dress the legs of your dining table from wood. Solid wood is much stronger and longer-lasting than engineered alternatives like wood and MDF.

3. Transferable

It is essential to take into consideration whether the table is likely to be moved before making a purchase choice. Rectangular or heavy tables can be heavy, difficult to move around, and an inconvenience when you move homes.

As mentioned above round tables made of any material, not just an industrial one, must be thought of. Plastic is the ideal material and is now offered in stunning styles and colors.

4. Modular Dining Table

In contrast to metal and wood plywood is lighter and more durable and is able to be assembled and packed up at any time and in any location. Such a modular table is sturdy and easily movable.

Many new designs in modular dining tables are making their way into the market. They are also more convenient to utilize in apartments that are rented or for shorter stays.

Tips on cleaning and caring for an antique dining table

When you are considering an antique dining table there are a few points to be aware of. The first and most important thing is to make sure the table is built to last and can withstand the weight of guests at dinner. Also, choose a table that is well-maintained.

If it’s not kept in good condition it might not stand well in time. Also, make sure you maintain and clean your dining table on a regular basis so that it can maintain its beauty and prolong its lifespan.

For cleaning your antique dining table, begin by using a damp sponge to wash dust and dirt off the table. If required, use a light Polish or wood sealant to the wood for additional protection.

Also, make sure you wash any food or spills off the tabletop using the help of a sponge or cloth. In addition, you should periodically spray your tabletop using a spray of water using a hose. This will help keep it looking new and fresh!

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