Tobacco And Smoking Materials Price Increase In India

In the lock down, in many states of India the prices of tobacco are rapidly increasing day per day. Not only the tobacco prices but also cigarettes and other smoking materials prices touch the sky. The main reason for increasing the price of tobacco and smoking materials is the drop in the production of such materials.

People in India are so much addicted to these products That they buy these products even after increasing the price. I will provide you Some ideas of the prices that That the people buy – A small pouch of tobacco Price increases 50 INR from 5 INR.


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The Prices of smoking materials like- Bidi and cigrates prices also increased more than 3-4 times of their actual prices. Right now, people are fighting with starvation but at the same time some people used to buy these products that are too expensive.


The conclusion is that these people have to think about those who are fighting against starvation in the Corona period, even though it is very much Hard time for those they are not able to earn their one-time meal.

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