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Co-op Games
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Many people mistakenly think that games with local co-op is the prerogative of consoles and the only thing you can do is to play games alone, for example turn on 20bet.com/live-casino/baccarat or Sims 4.

You do not need to buy a PlayStation to have fun with your friends, you can perfectly play together on the same computer. Here are the most interesting games for two on one PC, which will work great even on weak devices.

Some of them allow you to play on one keyboard, but most require a gamepad to control, so make sure you have a controller in advance.

1. Helldivers

High-action aerial shooter in which you need to control two infantrymen and mash various space creatures. And you can do it not only with simple weapons, but also using huge guided drones. In general, a lot of fun is guaranteed.


2. Kane & Lynch

The Kane & Lynch series continues this list. It was once called the main rival to GTA. This is a crime action game about two criminals with a great storyline, which is cheerfully playable even 13 years after the release of the first part.

There are two in total, Dead Men and Dog Days, both support split-screen and we highly recommend going through them.


3. Split Second

Split Second is the most adrenaline-pumping race, which still has no alternatives. The main thing here is not to be ahead. You do not have to unlearn physics and get used to driving cars, a high is ensured from the first minutes.

Drifting, jumping, various tracks and cars, tough removals of competitors and the ability to smash anything and everything. What can be cooler?


4. Darksiders Genesis

Talking about the best games for PC for two, we recall Darksiders Genesis. This is a dystopian slasher with an isometric view that is sure to strike fans of the iconic Diablo. Along with a comrade, you’ll play as two characters named Discord and War.

The first one blasts enemies with cool firearms, the second one prefers a more sophisticated approach and slashes them to death with a sword. Dynamic gameplay is diluted with an epic story. You have to stop Lucifer from destroying the entire world.


5. Victor Vran

This is a Diablo clone that is guaranteed to hit all fans of the genre. Vran is interesting because of its unusual combat system: the usual RPG classes and skills are not present here, and all skills are tied to a specific weapon.

This makes the gameplay extremely exciting, forcing players to constantly juggle weapons.

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