5 Top Psychometric Tests to Expect In An Interview

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From IT firms to banks, management consulting firms as well as care services, media houses or PR agencies, a lot of organisations are turning to psychometric tests during interviews.

There’s only a certain amount that recruiters can gather from the candidate’s qualifications CV, resume, or face-to face interactions. Psychometric tests test the mind of a candidate to give the recruiter a comprehensive view of your personality and capabilities.

They give fair and accurate assessments of the applicant, assuring the position they are offered is compatible with the advertised and their work environment.

If you’re hoping to be a success in your interviews and impress in your place in the corporate world Here are the top questions you will encounter during interviews.


Types of Psychometric Assessments

As previously mentioned, these tests are psychological tools that are geared toward giving objective and quantifiable information about the suitability of an interviewee.

They assess an applicant’s critical thinking and intelligence, as well as their attitudes behaviour, personality, and characteristics to determine the best candidates for the job. This can reduce the discontent of both the employee and employer and reduces employee turnover.

Psychometric assessments are divided into two categories on the board: aptitude and personality tests.

Assessments for aptitude will determine whether you’ve got the right skills to perform the task, therefore they test your cognitive abilities. From thinking through intelligence ability is measured against a pre-determined benchmark, which means that in order to pass, you must score an exact score.

Personality tests probe your personality and determine how you’ll perform in the job described and the business that you are a part of. They examine your beliefs, behaviors emotions, motivations and feelings in various settings.


Top Psychometric Test You Can Expect

The companies employ a variety of assessments for making sure they are in good shape However, here are some of the most popular:


1. Personality Profiling

Through this test, you’ll be presented with several statements that outline different scenarios and possible responses.

Utilizing a scale of five points (sometimes greater or less) you’re required to note the degree to which you are in agreement or disagreement. There is no absolute wrong or right responses.

Your responses, however, will let employers know what qualities they’re searching for.

Extroverts, for instance can be well-suited to sales, customer service and marketing positions. The more detail-oriented individuals may be more comfortable in bookkeeping, computer programming editorial or proofreading, and the roles of compliance.

The companies that administer this test can do so in a variety of ways. Certain companies conduct the test via phone, interaction with a person in person, or via online. Other companies let you bring the form to home and return it once completed.

While taking this test, make sure you:

  • Are you in a safe and quiet location.
  • Take a deep breath and breathe slowly in order to keep calm.
  • Honest and constant information.
  • Follow all directions carefully to ensure maximum understanding
  • Be sure to trust your first reactions. It’s better than trying to appear clever.


2. Verbal Reasoning Assessment

Verbal reasoning evaluates your ability by assessing your capacity to think in a constructive manner, express information in a clear manner, arrive at logical conclusions and create written reports.

Employers want to determine your capability to determine business-related issues by studying relevant business documents to draw the right conclusions.

They also assess your ability to communicate with managers, colleagues, and customers as well as your ability in writing concise reports.


3. Numerical Reasoning Assessment

Like the title suggests the test involves dealing with data numerically displayed in graphs, tables charts, graphs, or statistics. These can also challenge your understanding of trends, currency conversions and percentages.

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You might see graphs or tables that describe a business scenario as well as questions that require responses based on this information.

Their goal?

To evaluate your capability to effectively and efficiently analyze the data in numerical form, like numbers of performance or financial results to make judgements and solve issues.


4. Situational Judgement Test

The bridge sequence from The Fast 5 movie, Brian appears just in time of time to help save Dom from Zizi who could have killed Dom. At first, Dom had instructed Brian to go away, and in response to questions about why Brian wasn’t going, Brian said he had to phone call.

A judgment call.

Through the tests of situational judgment You’re faced with work-related issues and various options for action. Then, you’re required to make use of your judgement in order to determine your most (or least) feasible course to take.

These tests examine your thinking and your responses to difficult or challenging workplace situations. They can give employers an idea of your ability to solve problems and help determine your potential for leadership.


5. Logical Reasoning Assessment

How do you know if you can follow patterns or sequences? Can you understand or manipulate shapes, numbers or images that are different from each other?

This aptitude test tests your capacity to learn quickly and selecting a course that is the complete set that you’ve been given. Employers use them to determine your ability to think critically, in addition to your deductive and inductive reasoning ability.

The tests for logic reasoning are typically employed to test IT and science-related jobs as well as operational and HR positions.


OPQ Leadership Report

Additionally As a bonus, we would like to mention our OPQ Leadership Report that is used to determine a person’s ability to manage and lead. These reports are great for upper-level as well as professional employees and offer information about their preferred working behaviour, strengths, and weaknesses.


Preparing for Aptitude Tests

We’ve covered the preparation for personality profiling, therefore these tips are applicable to the tests 2-5 that are part of aptitude tests.

Be aware of the time. Since examinations are timed it is important to be aware of the time you will assign to each question. If you are faced with a difficult problem, don’t be tempted to linger. Start with the simpler ones and then tackle the difficult ones.

Make sure you have the proper equipment. You should have a few of pens, writing supplies along with a clock and an electronic calculator. The company may provide these , but you should prepare yourself. Making use of your cell phone is strongly prohibited.

Make sure you practice in advance. Online tests are free and let you identify the gaps in your knowledge. Utilize them to enhance your proficiency.


In Closing

Psychometric tests aid in the recruitment process with a fair method of narrowing down the candidates available for the purpose of determining their the ability to perform. There is a good chance that you’ll be faced with psychometric tests in the beginning of your career or climb the climb.

Do as many practice sessions as you can so that you know where you are, and how to increase your knowledge and eventually, you will be able to pass the actual test.

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