Top Tips For Lag-Free Gaming: Boost Your BGMI Performance

Lag-Free Gaming

BGMI is a very popular and much-liked game. This game is as big in popularity as it is in actual size, so playing it on a low-end device is equivalent to not playing it at all.

But let me tell you that its lagging issues are seen not only in low-end devices but also in many high-end devices. So do you want lag-free gaming?

So stay tuned to this article till the end and after this, you will definitely see a lot of difference in your gaming experience.

Impact Of Lag While Gaming

  • The Gameplay could seem slow: There may be a perceptible delay between actions and their effects in the game environment. This can be frustrating for players, particularly in fast-paced games where split-second judgments can determine success or failure.
  • Coordination and Teamwork Challenges: In team-based games, latency can impair communication and coordination. Players’ positions on one other’s displays may appear to be different, making effective strategizing difficult. This impedes teamwork and puts your team at a disadvantage.
  • Decrease in your controllers’ responsiveness: Your actions take somewhat longer to be reflected in the images on-screen because your system takes a little longer to generate each new frame of graphics and deliver it to your display.
  • Unequal Hit Recognizing: Lag disrupts hit registration. Shots fired on your screen may not register on the server due to the delay, or foes may appear to be hit yet take no damage. This inconsistency leads to a frustrating experience in which your actions appear to have no consequence, making fighting feel unfair and arbitrary.
  • Reduced Overall Enjoyment: Constant lag ruins the game’s flow and makes for a miserable experience. When lag interferes with your activities, the enjoyment of performing skillful plays or responding promptly to challenges is lessened. This can result in frustration, anger, and, eventually, a desire to abandon the game entirely.

Causes Of Lag While Playing BGMI

There are two types of lag, one is network lag and the other is device lag. We are going to talk about both types of lag and before fixing it, we will know the reasons for it.

1. Device Lag

This kind of latency happens when the demands of the game are too much for the device to handle. These are a few typical reasons why devices lag:

  • Low-End Device: BGMI requires a particular amount of processing power, graphics capability, and RAM to function properly. If your device does not meet the minimal specifications, it may struggle to keep up with the game’s demands, resulting in latency.
  • Storage Limit: If there is very little storage left in your device, then it can become a reason for hindering your gaming experience.
  • Low Battery: Due to the low battery in the device, the device becomes a little slow and some functions which are necessary for gaming do not work properly due to which the problem of lag arises.
  • Heated Device: If you play heavy games like BGMI in hot temperatures on your Android phone, then the high heat of the phone puts more pressure on the processor, and due to this, the problem of lag while playing the game becomes common.

2. Network Lag

When information transfers between your device and the game server are delayed, it is generally a sign of problems with your internet connection. These are a few typical reasons why networks lag:

  • High Ping: Ping is the time it takes for a signal to go from your device to the server and back. A higher ping implies a slower connection, which might result in latency during gameplay.
  • Slow Internet Speed: BGMI requires a reliable internet connection to function properly. Slow download and upload speeds cause delays in getting game data and transmitting actions to the server.
  • Game Server Issue: Sometimes it is not necessary that your internet is slow or there is a problem in connection, but when you play BGMI, sometimes there is an issue in its server due to which you see the problem of lag.

Experience Lag-Free Gaming

So as you know what are the reasons for the lag problem in BGMI, now after this we will know the ways to fix it to a great extent.

1. Remove Unwanted Apps

Many gamers neglect this trick! They believe that uninstalling a few apps will not significantly reduce BGMI lag. But here’s the deal: uninstalling an app is similar to cleaning out a crowded closet.

It frees up space on your device, allowing it to run more smoothly. It can increase performance by 18 to 23%. That’s why deleting useless apps is a smart idea!

2. Free Up Storage

Believe it or not, having some free space on your phone might be a game-changer for BGMI!  Just as your brain works better when it isn’t clogged with too many things, your phone performs better when it’s not overloaded. 

If your phone’s storage is nearly full, it may struggle to keep up, resulting in lag and other performance difficulties.  So, do yourself a favor and free up some space by uninstalling unneeded applications and useless data.

3. Adjust Graphics Settings

If you are a newbie to BGMI then you may not be aware of its basic graphic settings.

The graphics settings of this game are already set to high which makes the game a bit slow and it is possible that your device may even lag on high settings.

So it will be better for you that the lower settings you play the game, the better lag-free experience you will get.

To change the graphics, follow the steps:

  • Open the game (BGMI).
  • Go to the settings.
  • Click on Graphics & Audio.
  • Look at the Graphics and set it to Smooth.
  • Now look at the Frame Rates and set it to higher (as per your device).
  • Now you can see some differences in the game.

4. High-Performance Mode

Did you know that some Android phones contain a secret weapon for smoother gaming? It’s known as “high-performance mode,” and it essentially boosts your phone’s power to make things operate faster.

This might be a game changer for BGMI, providing you with a more seamless and lag-free experience. To enable this hidden power, go to your phone’s Settings.

Look for “Battery” followed by “High-Performance Mode” (the precise name may change depending on your phone’s brand). If you can’t locate it straight immediately, try searching for “Battery” in the settings and seeing what comes up.

5. Decrease The Animation Scale To 0.5 And Enable 4X MSAA

Enabling 4xMSAA improves game fluency. It also activates the Anti-Lag Feature, which improves device performance when you are doing or playing games on your mobile.

Simply enable this setting, therefore you must first navigate to your smartphone settings.

Go to about phone, tap 7 times on the build number, and a new version of your settings will unlock, where you will discover the developer option.

Tap on it and scroll down to the bottom. Enable 4X MSAA and reduce the animation scale to 0.5.

6. Do Not Download Extra Resources In-Game

If you want to have a smooth gameplay experience, you will have to compromise a bit on some things like resources, skins, and some other maps that you do not use.

Because all these extra resources make your game very heavy and due to this you have to face the problem of lag. So instead of being too fancy or showing off your skins and stuff, it’s better to show off your better gameplay.

7. Keep Your Device Cool While Playing

Ever noticed your phone getting super hot while playing BGMI? That heat isn’t just uncomfortable, it can actually slow things down! When your phone gets too warm, the processor hits the brakes to cool off.

This means everything starts chugging along – games get choppy, and things feel laggy.  Basically, your phone gets overloaded and struggles to keep up, leading to a frustrating gameplay experience.

Whenever you are gaming, make sure that the place where you are playing is not too hot, and keep your device in front of a fan, cooler, or AC so that the device will remain cool and you will not see lag.

8. Turn Off The Mobile Data And Use Wi-Fi

Using Wi-Fi is a better option than mobile data. Wi-Fi provides a stable and fast internet connection as compared to mobile data and it also reduces the network load on the mobile thus eliminating the problem of lag and high ping while playing games.


This article has prepared you to face the terrible lag monster and achieve a smoother, more enjoyable BGMI experience. Remember, a little effort goes a long way!

By following these suggestions, you’ll be able to optimize your device settings, maximize your network connection, and keep your phone cool, all of which contribute to lag-free dominance on the battlefield.

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