TorrDroid Apk For Android: Fast & Secure Torrent Download

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Are you tired of using different apps and websites to download different things? Yes, if you look at it, it seems like a bit of a headache and then it also comes to mind that I wish there was something by which you can download anything in your Android phone in just one click and from one place.

So how would it be if I told you that this wish of yours can really come true? Yes, today we are going to talk about TorrDroid APK for Android which can be the solution to your problem if you are a smartphone user.

What Is TorrDroid?

TorrDroid Apk

TorrentDroid is a torrent downloader app that helps users to directly search for anything and download it on their Android device.

It will not let you go anywhere to download your desired thing or find its link because you can search anything inside this app whether it is audio, video, or any document file, software etc. and also easily download in with one click for free.

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It serves as a search tool, file explorer, and download manager all in one! You will find this app very simple and easy to see and use. 

Basic Information:

Package Name:Intelligems.torrdroid
Operating System:Android
Size:57.14 MB
Requirements:Android 7.0 or higher required
Downloads:14.5 M
File type:APK
Date:Aug 28, 2023 (Updated)


Torrdroid offers many features that make this app even more interesting and reliable.

  • Search Option: The most convenient and best feature of this app is that you can directly search and find your torrents and also download them.
  • Simple Interface: The special thing about this app is that you do not get to see any complicated or difficult interface like any other site. It even provides a better and simpler interface than normal apps.
  • Download Speed: Here you get support to download torrent through your wifi, this helps you more in downloading fast.
  • Wide Range: From here you can download not only movies or videos but also software, audio, book, etc. and many other things in just one click.
  • Diversity: If you want to download any movie or video from this app, then you get to see downloading options in all different formats, resolutions, and audio languages.
  • Security: TorrDroid has security mechanisms to protect users while they download torrents.
  • Free: This app provides you so much, that too in just one click, it does not mean that it takes any fee in return because it provides all its services absolutely free.

How To Download TorrDroid APK for Android?

If you are looking for a Torrdroid app in the Play Store then let me tell you that you will not get it even though it was available till some time ago. But you do not need to worry because it has been removed from Play Store but you can easily download and install it with the help of any browser.

Here’s How To Do –

  • Open any browser on your phone (Ex- Chrome Browser).
  • Type Torrdroid in the Google search bar or go to the link
  • Find the “Download APK” button and click on it.
  • Now click on “Download APK Now”. (This redirects to a new page)
  • You will get some download links now.
  • Click on the link you want to download.
  • The process will start and be completed after a few minutes. (It depends on your internet speed)

Installation Process:

  • Open “File Manager” or “My Files”.
  • Go to the “Downloads” folder.
  • Look for the Toordroid app & tap on it.
  • It will ask for permission (Unknown Sources).
  • Enable unknown sources and give storage permission.
  • Now click on “Install”.
  • Hence, your installation process is completed.

Torrents & Movies Download Process:

  • First, launch the TorrDroid app and select the Search option.
  • Look for the torrent, movie, music, or anything else that interests you.
  • A list of all files will appear next. 
  • Simply click the Download Icon next to that file to download it to your device.

Is It Safe To Use The App?

Whenever you download some such apps, it is important to first ensure whether you are downloading them from a trusted, official source or from an unknown source and third party store. If you have downloaded Torrdroid app from an unknown source or third party app then it may be risky for you. 


  • Potential Security Flaws: Unofficial versions of TorrDroid may not receive security upgrades, making them vulnerable to exploits.
  • Malware: Downloaded APKs from unofficial sources may contain malware that steals your data or harms your device.


Torrrdroid is one such spot for you which removes the problem of you wandering from door to door and searching to download any stuff. It is very easy to use with a simple interface. But if it provides you all the facilities and that too with such ease, then the opposite may also happen. If you do not see it on Play Store then there may be some security related issue if you download it from any third party store then instead of its official site.

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