Truth Behind Valorant Mobile: Release Date, Features, and More

Truth Behind Valorant Mobile
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So Valorant lovers, have you also come across the news that one of the few games that have made a place in your heart, that is Valorant, has now come on mobile also or is going to come soon?

So has it really been announced or are there still some secrets hidden behind it? So friends, in this article we’ll dive into the rumors of Valorant Mobile and see what we can uncover.

The Truth Behind Valorant Mobile

Riot Games released the PC version of Valorant in June 2020. And now, four years later, there are talks about releasing a mobile version.

As soon as the news of the arrival of Valorant Mobile hit the market, gamers became active and were eagerly waiting for it.

It is being said that its development has started by Riot Games and they are going to launch it soon.

But for now, Valorant lovers, keep some patience because till now no official news or announcement has been made regarding the launch date of this game.

But as far as I can tell you and which is true to a great extent, this game can come to your mobile in the year 2024.

According to leaker PlayerIGN, some early testing for Chinese users may occur during the Lunar New Year event. The same source predicts that the game will be released shortly before the summer break, around June.

What To Expect From The Game?

It appears that the mobile Valorant experience will be built on the same foundation as the PC version. 

We’re talking about the same characters, those fierce 5v5 showdowns, and the entire package – essentially, a portable version of what you already know and enjoy.  But is this enough?  

Let’s be honest: if you expect a massive PC game to shrink down to your phone with no alterations miraculously, you may be disappointed.  Is it truly as simple as playing the same game on a smaller screen?

Here’s a breakdown of some possibilities:

1. Controls

Whenever there is a comparison of a game that is available for both PC and mobile, the first thing that comes to mind is the controls.

You get to see completely different things in both places, PC you play or control the game with the help of keyboard buttons and mouse, if we talk about mobile then you get to see the controls inside the screen itself which you have It’s just your device, not a keyboard or mouse.

So if we talk about the controls of Valorant Mobile, then we can hope that its controls will quickly become a habit like other games and you will also be able to set the controls at your convenience.

2. Maps

Now, when it comes to maps, things get interesting! There’s a chance they might optimize some existing Valorant maps for mobile play, making them smoother and easier to navigate on a smaller screen. 

They could even create brand new maps specifically designed for mobile, which would be awesome!  But remember, this is all speculation.  There haven’t been any official announcements about maps or anything else yet.

3. Modes

The biggest feature of games is the modes within them. The more modes a game provides, the more people’s interest in that game increases and they also get less bored.

So as far as possible, along with the launch of the new game, some new modes can also be seen.

Most of the Valorant lovers like me and you would also want some more new spice which is better for mobile to be seen in this game.

4. Graphics

Graphics are the most important thing for any game. And a game like Valorant which is very famous worldwide and its graphics are also of very high quality, so people expect to see similar better graphics for mobile as well.

But you do not have to think too much or worry about this because it can be expected to a great extent that you will get to see very good graphics in this game.

5. The Agent Arsenal

Valorant’s roster of one-of-a-kind Agents is another important component.  A mobile version could have a subset of these Agents, with their skills possibly altered for mobile controllers. 

We might also see new Agents built expressly for the mobile platform, adding a new twist to the battlefield.

6. Esports Scenario

As of now, there is no confirmed news from the officials about Valorant mobile, so it would be a bit strange to think too much about it right now.

But I can definitely say with certainty that once Valo Mobile is launched, its hype is already very high, so it is possible that like Valorant PC, it will also grow at a good pace in esports.

So for those who are not able to use the PC version, there can be a golden opportunity for them to expose themselves to the world of esports through Valorant Mobile.

Will Cross-Play With A PC Be Possible?

Have you ever wanted to blast opponents on your phone with your PC buddies? It’s not crazy to think about, but it may not happen. 

If Valorant Mobile is released, it will most likely be a distinct game designed just for mobile devices, rather than a reduced-size PC version.  This means no cross-play between mobile and PC gamers. 

The controls, features, and even the game’s functionality would most likely alter.  But, well, that’s just speculation for now!  We’ll have to wait till the official release to see how matchmaking and everything else plays out.


Hold onto your blast packs, Valorant lovers! We investigated the reports about a mobile version and what it would include. While there has been no official announcement, Valorant Mobile could debut in 2024.

Here’s the thing: the majority of what we talked about is guesswork. The core gameplay (the 5v5 showdowns with distinct characters) may remain the same but with mobile-specific tweaks. Maps could be optimized or created specifically for mobile play.

We won’t know for sure until Riot Games speaks up. But the idea of a mobile Valorant is exciting! Watch for official news, and prepare to conquer the battlefield on the move.

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