Used Small & Mini Excavators For Sale

Used Small & Mini Excavators For Sale
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Used excavators available for sale have experienced rapid expansion due to landscaping and construction projects that require budget-conscious and flexible equipment solutions.

Mini excavators, including wheeled and hydraulic mobile excavators, are ideal for smaller projects as well as tasks requiring equipment. Buyers have access to an extensive selection of popular brands and models in equipment available across a number of marketplaces, as well as appraisal services for assets and easy purchasing formats.

When searching for their perfect excavator buyers can not only compare locations, years, and prices – they can also use features of the site itself to save and organize searches in order to locate more desirable offers.

1. 2015 Bobcat E26 – $11,900

The 2015 Bobcat E26 excavator was built to fulfill construction needs. Formerly used as a rental machine in Yucaipa, CA; with over 2 565 hours of service under its belt – this machine allows users to complete any task safely.

This excavator boasts many useful features, such as its hydraulic coupler, blade, auxiliary hydraulics, an 18-inch bucket canopy control station, and operator/maintenance manual. Equipped with a powerful Kubota V1505-EF01 4-cylinder 24.8 horsepower engine and working weight of 5,6666lbs this machine can easily tackle any heavy-duty task.

As you review various excavators, the Bobcat E26 will surely impress with its top-quality design and performance – featuring Powerhouse Protection! Before making your purchase decision, don’t hesitate to explore and compare this model online, along with any others available in the market.

Inspection of this machine revealed many desirable qualities: an immaculate engine appearance with no leaks during operation; normal starting up without smoke issues and excellent forward and reverse functions; clean hydraulics for smooth operations and normal blade, boom, and swing table operation as well as overall functioning machine features.

2. 2022 BOBCAT E35I

Bobcat 2022 mini excavator available for sale has had its cost greatly reduced, with only 140 hours of previous landscaping work on it, and is located in Cherry Valley, CA for easy purchase.

Inspection reports reveal the machine’s excellent condition, such as its clean engine, properly functioning transmission, and well-kept hydro system. Mini excavators feature longer sticks, auxiliary hydraulics as well as enclosed rooms equipped with air conditioning and heating for optimal use.

It comes equipped with a 12-inch bucket, a 24-inch bucket, and an ax. Powered by Kubota’s diesel engine, this compact machine can be used for landscape, tree service, and earth-moving projects.

Shipping, financing, and Powerhouse Protection services are also offered to ensure a hassle-free buying experience – it is now ready for sale.

3. 2018 KUBOTA KX033-4

It’s an 2018 Kubota KX033-4 mini-excavator, one of the most sought-after pieces of equipment used in digging and construction markets, and available at an attractive price.

This piece has only 896 hours of previous rental fleet usage in Upper Marlboro, MD; available immediately for purchase as part of a rental fleet and available immediately after inspection; its report of inspection demonstrates its exceptional condition with an unblemished engine compartment free from leaks as well as a well-kept hydraulic system that functions perfectly well!

Tracks and undercarriage components are in excellent condition and have approximately 80 percent of their life left. This model excavator features a 24″ bucket with an 8” hydraulic blade, thumb, quick couplers, pilot controls, an A/C/heat system in its cab for smooth operations as well as 24HP diesel engines to navigate difficult terrain and tight spaces easily. With two 24HP engines powering it all along comes Kubota KX033-4 for efficient work on difficult terrain and tight spaces.

Boom & Bucket offers hassle-free shipping and financing solutions at competitive rates as well as Powerhouse Protection to ensure buyers enjoy maximum protection when making their purchases.

Boom & Bucket: Find

As demand for adaptable and efficient equipment increases, so has the supply of used excavators on sales, such as mini excavators, hydraulic excavators, and wheeled excavators. These machines can be utilized in many different construction projects ranging from smaller landscaping tasks to heavy-duty equipment use.

Buyers can find a vast array of well-known and budget models on marketplaces that provide locations, years, and price comparisons – as well as store search options to ease their search – to enable informed purchasing decisions of used excavators that meet individual needs.

As demand for flexible equipment increases, mini excavators that are both used and new has become an attractive option for owners and contractors alike. Used excavators offer tremendous versatility when digging, demolishing or shifting soil. Careful comparison of available options as well as taking advantage of various features of the website enable buyers to have a tailored shopping experience tailored exactly to their requirements.

At an increasingly complex landscaping and construction company, used excavators play an indispensable role. By improving efficiency while simultaneously cutting expenses, these machines help buyers maintain an edge without compromising quality. Start searching now to find an excavator for sale that meets all of your criteria and unlocks its full potential! These machines are compact, powerful, and cost-effective solutions.

Your landscaping and construction projects could benefit greatly from one or more wheeled, hydraulic, or mini excavators – don’t miss the chance to capitalize on their rising popularity with an investment that will last many years! With wheeled, hydraulic, mini excavators available you are sure to find just the right digger to take them further! Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of this growing demand for used excavators as an invaluable way of increasing profitability!

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