5 Uses For AI You Might Now Know About

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AI is something you may hear about often, especially if you work in tech-heavy fields. But, even for people who don’t work directly in these industries, it’s hard to ignore the buzz about AI and what it might mean for the future.

Artificial intelligence doesn’t always mean advanced robots or sci-fi technologies that are lightyears away. But, when you hear the term artificial intelligence, it’s easy to conjure up images of a future far from now, where robots are nearly the same as humans. 

Today, artificial intelligence is being used in much subtler ways, and you’re probably already benefiting from some of these technological advances. 

From business software to social media, here are some ways AI is currently in use. 

1. Conversational AI For Businesses

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While you might not be aware of it, chances are good you’ve chatted with a bot many times already. While the word bot can conjure up some negative connotations, many AI bots serve valuable purposes, especially in business. 

For example, AI chatbots are common on many websites where they help direct users and answer many questions. So, while you may chat with a person for more specific concerns, AI chatbot technology is used for broader issues. 

2. Smart Assistants Like Siri And Alexa

While it’s easy to forget that even our phones and home speakers have AI technology these days, they definitely do. Siri is very similar to many AI chatbots for business and the same for Alexa.

These are two good examples of how artificial intelligence is already being used in many homes to help make life easier. So, whenever you say “Hey Siri,” you see some of the benefits of artificial intelligence.

3. Stock Exchange AI Programs

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Artificial intelligence has applications in many industries and fields, including entertainment, finance, and more. These programs can deal with exchanges and make decisions based on algorithms and projections.

While the average person might not know much about trading on the stock market, artificial intelligence makes this process easier for the actual stock brokers, too.

4. Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars might not be commonplace yet, but the technology does exist. It’s being actively used on roads right now, although the technology is still evolving.

What you might not realize is that these self-driving cars work because of artificial intelligence. Sensors around the outside of the car are constantly bringing in information, such as the presence of other vehicles.

Then, artificial intelligence makes decisions based on these incoming stimuli to drive the vehicle safely.

5. AI Art Generators

The last entry on this list is one of the more fun ones and what’s really blown up on social media. These art-generating AIs allow people to input a word or phrase into the program. Then the AI uses information from the internet and its coding to come up with new images altogether. 

Some of these are incredibly surreal and strange, while others are more realistic. And, given how many beautiful, odd, and unique pictures these AI art generators can be used to create, it’s no wonder people like to share them on places like Twitter. 

While artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it’s clear it’s here to stay. From devices many people use in their homes or in everywhere they go in the form of their smartphones, AI has become much more sophisticated. 

So, while advanced robotics is one section of artificial intelligence, your daily life is already being shaped by all kinds of technology and software in this sector.

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