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Hybrid and electric vehicles are definitely on the rise, especially with all the recent news about climate change. Not only do they help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but they also provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional gasoline and diesel cars.

Like all automobiles, if you’re moving across large distances, the question of how to transport your car arises. Driving it for long distances is often too costly and the car is not as safe as shipping it to a professional auto transport company.

However, if you already chose the second option, it is important to remember that the shipping electric car procedure differs from the normal one.

What are hybrid and electric vehicles?

A hybrid vehicle combines a powered engine with an electronic or hydraulic system that converts energy from braking or motion into electricity. This kind of car is usually faster and more fuel efficient than a regular car that uses just gasoline or diesel engines. 

An electric vehicle relies entirely on electricity to power it, so there is no need for any type of engine or driving gear whatsoever. EVs can be used in urban areas as well as rural settings, thanks to their ability to travel long distances without needing a break for recharge (although this does require special charging infrastructure). 

Why are hybrids and electric vehicles becoming more popular?

There are many reasons why hybrids and electric vehicles are gaining popularity these days. They offer better fuel economy than traditional gasoline cars, use less water than standard automobiles (due to their hydropower capabilities), emission-free operation during commuting hours makes them good choices for people who live in cities where air quality is important, and their low cost of ownership makes them attractive options compared not just hybrids but other types of cars too!

What are the Specifics About Electric Car Movers Services?

There are additional requirements for shipping electric vehicles due to the unique nature of electric transport.

The many advantages of hybrid and electric cars do not come without a certain cost, and that is the fact that their engines pose certain dangers while being transported.

It’s good to know that USTrans has all the necessary expertise and equipment to transport your vehicle safely and efficiently.

Is Electric Car Shipping Safe

Is Electric Car Shipping Safe

Shipping an electric car can be a relatively safe process, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • First and foremost, make sure you have a secure charging station installed on your property. This will allow you to safely charge the car while it’s being shipped.
  • Secondly, always use a shipping company that is experienced with transporting electric cars. They should have experts on staff who know how to properly pack and transport an electric vehicle without damaging it or causing any safety concerns.
  • Third, These types of automobiles use a specific battery that contains lithium-ions. This is necessary to make the battery rechargeable. Although they have many benefits, including their long life expectancy, they can be dangerous if not handled properly. These batteries can catch fire and are difficult to extinguish. Because they are sensitive to vibrations and temperatures, shipping regulations are strict.
  • Last but not least, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging the battery during transit. Always connect the charger directly to the battery rather than using an external power source (like a wall outlet).

Doing so will reduce the risk of damage or fire caused by electrical shocks during transportation.

Should You Choose Enclosed or Open Transport

There are a few things you need to take into account when choosing whether or not to use enclosed or open transport for your electric car shipping.

  • Enclosed transport is typically used for large items that require protection from the elements. It’s easier and faster to move these items, and they’re also less likely to be damaged in transit.
  • On the other hand, open transport is better suited for small items that don’t need as much protection from the outside world. This type of transportation is more environmentally friendly because it reduces waste and emissions associated with traditional package delivery methods.

So, which option you should use?

You can ensure the safety and preservation of your vehicle’s original shine by choosing enclosed auto transport. This is the most popular option for owners of electric cars when it comes to shipping them. provides professional and well-respected auto transportation services, including open and enclosed car transport with all safety measures for electric vehicle shipping.

How to prepare your electric vehicle for transportation

1. It is recommended to charge your battery before you start shipping. 

The battery will likely run out during shipping so it is better to fully load the truck. In case the battery remains in motion and is protected from short circuits, you won’t have to worry.

Professional companies can check the battery and ensure everything is in order.

2. Clean Your Car

It is better to clean your car from the inside as well as the outside, especially if you are shipping it overseas. This applies to both electric and regular vehicles.

This is because shipping to destination ports might slow down due to biocontamination fears. The car still needs to be washed before it can be passed on.

3. Take All Possessions Before Shipping

You should remove all your valuable possessions from the car. There are many people involved in shipping the car.

You should prepare an additional set of keys for the carrier. They will be needed during the loading and unloading of the vehicle from the truck.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Professional Car Movers

In addition to the higher security and higher levels of safety, there are numerous advantages of using an expert for electric vehicle shipping. Transporting your car to a far-off location can be a lengthy process in some instances that you do not have the time to do in this manner.

The help of professional car movers can cut down your time and energy, plus it eases the burden that comes with driving over an extended distance and worrying about how you’ll manage to locate charging stations for your vehicle. Additionally, it saves your money as you do not have to cover travel costs as well as the additional maintenance associated when driving a significant distance.

Long-distance driving can also lead to the possibility of wear and wear. If you wish to appreciate the quality of your electric vehicle over an extended period of time, you can avoid the possibility of damage by relying on experts in electric car moving such as

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