25+ Best Ever Veg Vs Non Veg Jokes

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Veg vs non veg jokes  – nowadays people love to read adult jokes, non-veg jokes, non-veg adult jokes, 18+ jokes etc… into social media such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

People upload Non-veg jokes, non-veg Memes on their social media accounts. Right now there are various types of non-veg jokes trending on social media. These jokes are related to lock down, some political issues, and related to many other topics.

Today We Are Here With 25+ Best Ever Veg Versus Non-veg Jokes Are So Enjoy Reading –

Joke 1

1. “Pappu to his girlfriend – what is this thing which goes in hard and dry? but when it comes out it becomes soft and wet???

She replied – I think it’s bubble Gum.”


2. Boy to his mom, I didn’t sleep last night and I saw – You are jumping upon daddy??

Mom replied – Dear I was pushing the air out of him.

Boy – “oh then you are late and you waste your time, the lady after the next Door blows up every day.”


3. “Boob” is the perfect word. “B” looks like a birds-eye view of them, “oo” look like them face on, and “b” looks like it from the side!



4. Have you ever been in the mouth ??
That bit
Hair around
Cover up
Never ??
You lie
Never ate corn.


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5. Pappu, was doing Mastebuting!!! Suddenly his father saw him,
Father – What are you doing???

Pappu got scared and replied – Papa my piss freezed due to cold, I am heating the pipe to get it out.


6. In U.P, A very white bride came in a village.


An old lady said: Oh!!!… daughter-in-law is very fair.

Boy: Hey Amma, She has been in London, so she would be white.


Old lady: Hey son, we also stayed all our life in cocks, but there was no difference in color.


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