Want to Get More Legal Leads? Here are 4 Ways

Get More Legal Leads
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There are a lot of attorneys out there, so you need to work smart and hard to get the best legal leads. Your law firm can stay ahead of the pack in a competitive market with the tips highlighted below:

1. Offer Exemplary Legal Services

The best marketing for any company is providing the best service or product possible. So when you provide superior legal services to your clients, they’ll be delighted. Happy clients usually tell other people and post positive reviews on Google Reviews, Yelp, and others.

It’s always essential to invest in quality legal marketing online. But you can do much of the heavy lifting yourself economically by providing excellent legal services.

As legal practice grows, it’s common to struggle with offering the best service. Administrative staff, paralegals, and attorneys may become stretched thin. The longer it takes you to get back to a client, the more likely they will walk away unhappy.

But there are solutions at hand. Consider using law practice management software to automate some legal administrative services. This technology also can reduce clients’ hold time on the phone.

Anything you can do to improve your clients’ experience will pay off with more referrals.

2. Improve Your Website

Let’s say you’re hunting for a personal injury attorney after a driver hits you while running a red light. How will you find a lawyer?

Like most of us, you’ll search Google for the best personal injury attorney in your area. When you do your search, you’ll notice dozens or even hundreds of lawyers in your city.

This shows that most of us look for attorneys online in the digital age. So how good is your website? Is it highly ranked in Google? Is it easy to use on a smartphone? Does it have a clear call-to-action that gives your administrative staff their contact information? And does your legal team follow up immediately after receiving the lead?

If your site needs updating, it’s worth the money to engage with a web development team that specializes in sites for legal clients. You want your site to convert leads into clients, so investing in this essential marketing tool is worth it.

3. Leverage Social Media

Many people use Google to find an attorney, but more and more consumers use social media to find things they need in their communities.

Social media is an outstanding tool for marketing your legal services. You also build better relationships with people by offering legal tips and advice. Your firm also can buy social media advertising packages to show in people’s newsfeeds.

When you create media for your social media channels, it should be helpful and exciting. For example, if you’re a personal injury attorney, you might write on your blog about common mistakes people make after car accidents. Or, write a blog post about how to know you have a back injury after a slip and fall.

And don’t forget to make your post visually appealing with high-quality photos! It’s proven that people engage much more on posts with appealing graphics.

4. Offer Free Consultations

Not every law firm can provide free consultations, but it’s worth it if you can. Then, when you get a prospect in the door, they get to see you face-to-face, and you can build a relationship easier than online.

If you’re a busy attorney, you may need a junior associate or paralegal to handle the free consultations. Offering a complimentary consultation may take an hour or two of your time, but it often results in more paying clients.

These legal lead tips will bring more prospects to your site or office. Then you just need to provide the best legal services and you’ll be on your way to more legal business in the future.

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