Water Purifiers Necessity For Healthy Life

is being wasted on a higher scale, factories put their untreated water into rivers, ponds, lakes, etc. which affects the quality of water and thus affects the aquatic life. Water is being contaminated, which is not healthy to drink, which can cause cholera, typhoid, digestion-related issues, and various other diseases.

Chemicals disposed of in water bodies leads to the growth of algae and bacteria feeds on it which leads to an increase in oxygen level in the water and affects the aquatic life. Our ancestors found a solution to contaminated water by boiling it which kills the bacteria present in the water and is healthy to drink.

It improves digestion, keeps heart healthy. Drinking warm water is also very beneficial for health as it relieves throat pain, improves digestion, improves rate of blood pressure, it Water is essential to live. One cannot imagine life without water. Every living being on this planet needs water; it is the basic necessity to live.

Due to rapid increase in population, people are cutting trees to build their big lavish houses, to build infrastructure and they call it as development of their country, but the real development is building infrastructure without affecting natural environment. Water helps in weight loss, flushing toxins, improves blood circulation.


One Must Drink Clean And Healthy Water And At Proper Time:


1. After Waking Up

Drinking water after just waking up helps in removing toxins from our body. One must drink plenty of water in the morning to stay fresh and hydrated for the whole day.

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2. Before A Meal

Drink water before meal helps the body to improve digestive system which helps in better digestion of food, it also helps in weight loss.

3. Before Workout

Water not only keeps you hydrated but also helps in making immune system stronger and to work better. After performing workout, our body loses some amount of water in the form of sweat, and water level decreases from our body which leads to fatigue. So, in order to maintain the right water level in the body one must drink water before workout.

4. After Workout

The loss of water in the body after performing workout leads to loss in water level, and one should drink water immediately just after workout, one must wait for sufficient time and then consume water to bring it to right water level in the body.

As water is highly contaminated and all the germs, bacteria cannot be killed by just boiling it and many companies have come up with water filters for purification of drinking water.

There are a number of filters with UV chamber, UF membrane, TDS level controller, with copper device which provides the same benefits as drinking water in copper vessel. These days you will hardly find any house, not using water filter.

There are various types of water filters for Residential use, for commercial use, for domestic use, etc. We can find water filters at every business organisation, offices, etc. As managers, owners want to provide their employees safe and healthy drinking water, as to make business successful paying emphasis on employee wellness is very important.

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Many big business organisations conduct health and wellness programs like yoga classes, health fairs, etc. As employees are the crucial assets for the organisation.

Employees will definitely perform well if they feel physically and mentally fit and they feel that they are part of the organisation and organisation is paying them well not only in terms of salary but also in terms of healthy and safe working environment.

If water purifiers are installed in the premises and employees are drinking safe water then there will be less sick leaves, and will increase productivity.


Guidance On How To Go For Best Commercial Water Purifier According To Your Need:


  1. Quality And Source Of Water

As groundwater contains high level of TDS (more than 550 PPM), then one should install commercial RO water purifier and water supplied by Municipal Corporation contains lower level of TDS (less than 500 PPM) and in this case one should install Commercial UV water purifier.

2. Brand Credibility

While selecting best commercial water purifier checking brand credibility is one of the important factors, one should go for well-known brands which provide good services to their customers.

3. Certifications

While buying water purifier one must check that water purifier is certified by well-known laboratories and medical associations like Indian Medical Association, etc.

4. Service Backup

As water purifiers need service at regular intervals so that it provides safe and healthy drinking water, so one must opt for that brand which provides good service.


When a customer visits business premises and they see a water purifier installed it gives a good impression of the company. Many shops, offices uses water dispensers which are economically viable and they also provide cold and hot water, one can take water according to his/her need. We can easily move water dispensers where we want.

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There are many companies providing good quality Water Purifiers with a no. of features and with large time warranty period, offering free services in initial years. Aquafresh RO is one of the best water purifier company which is well known for its services and its wide range of water purifiers with different water capacities and wide price range. It provides commercial water filters, industrial RO plants, water coolers, domestic RO water purifiers, etc.

The company is producer, supplier and exporter of authentic RO parts. It provides clean, hygienic, healthy and pure drinking water. The water gets free from any type of viruses, bacteria and other harmful chemicals.

By filtration and distillation water gets purified through carbon, pre-filter, Ultra Filtration, Membrane Filters. The company provides good after-sales services and regarding any issue customer can call aquafreshro customer care at any time.

As water plays a crucial role in making one’s life healthy. But contaminated or unfiltered water makes person sick. One must consume filtered water to remain healthy and one must go for a suitable brand while selecting Water Purifier.

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