4 Ways SMS Marketing Can Help Property Managers Sell Fast

Ways SMS Marketing
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Real estate sales are rarely made without effort, and in today’s fast-paced environment using every channel available to cultivate leads and discover opportunities. Although the age of the internet has made us accustomed to email and online advertisements, however, many marketers overlook an older and more practical strategy – real estate SMS marketing.

SMS marketing is among the most efficient and fast methods of reaching out to customers – regardless of whether they own an iPhone or not. It means that the information is sent directly to them.

Employing this method for Property managers can be the fastest method of selling those vacant and vacant properties. It is possible to use text messages to promote the properties available and prepare for viewing and also attract prospective buyers.

It is possible to go a step further by incorporating photos from your MMS account to draw more interest. The more interest you can capture and the easier it becomes to get in touch with leads who are qualified.

However, how can you ensure that your prospective customers receive timely notifications and are able to contact them? What can you do to advertise your property in real estate using SMS?

4 Easy Strategies for Selling Property Fast Through Bulk SMS

Here are four steps you can take to achieve greater outcomes:

1. Build a List of Potential Applicants and Market Vacant Units

A database of qualified leads could be a great base of SMS subscribers to help get your message out. After you’ve obtained the consent of the prospects, simply add them to your database and send texts. The only thing you need to do is solicit the assistance of a bulk SMS service and distribute information as soon as possible.

Utilizing the services of a trusted bulk SMS service lets you send thousands or even hundreds of text messages in just two clicks. The best part is that the recipients will be able to open the messages in 98 percent of cases and will be prompted to make a swift call to move.

It’s even more efficient when you divide your demographics according to their interests, for example, how many bedrooms or views.


2. Schedule Both Physical and Virtual Tours

Showcase your property, either online or by taking tours in person. Tours are an essential step to selling a property So, make sure to automate the process or create a seamless process with a text schedule.

Use images to accompany your text such as a video or even a hyperlink to call action to highlight the property. This will create the interest of prospective buyers.

Staging your property properly can increase its value and is more likely to sell quickly. In fact, 40% of home agents say that staging can influence purchasing decisions, as the National Association of Realtors indicates.


3. Streamline the Application Process

After successful tours, promotions for marketing, and specials for moving in It’s equally important to keep the momentum up. Do not let the efforts be wasted. Aid your prospective customers by helping them navigate the process of applying – starting with the initial interest and finalizing the sale.

A timely follow-up is essential when appealing to potential homeowners. So, you must encourage quick action by sending your interested potential buyers an acknowledgment message along and a call to take action.

The message could include something such as “Korir I really am glad to have taken you through a virtual tour of your 2BR apartment. The unit is likely to sell quickly, so please submit your application as soon as you are in a position to” Include the link to the registration website.


4. Reduce Face-to-Face Interactions, and Lengthy Phone Calls

It can take a lot of hours. In the midst of managing the property and other responsibilities, you might want to streamline and automate your other processes to provide a better customer experience. This is among the most effective ways of reducing administration concerns with your tenants as well as other leads.

It is possible to cut down on phone calls using short text messages. A lot of your contacts will appreciate the instant feedback and will consider it to be an indication of positive future communication.

In the same way, you can cut down on face-to-face communication by providing quick responses via SMS.


Are You a Property Manager? Begin Selling Your Property Today by using Bulk SMS today!

For a highly effective bulk SMS strategy to make you more qualified leads, first, choose the correct bulk SMS service. Celcom Africa is an all-inclusive provider of an SMS solution. It is possible to integrate its power SMS API gateway with real estate tools that can send details about listings, track communications and send messages or reminders.

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