10+ Ways to Promote Your Music On Spotify?

How To Promote Music On Spotify
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Spotify is among the most popular and flexible streaming services that cater to independent artists.

Even though it was first introduced in 2006 it is now a music streaming platform. Spotify is certainly experiencing being in a “moment.” Currently, there are more than 7 million artists streaming on the platform, featuring a wide range of categories and levels of fame.

From the direct playlist pitching platform as well as its profile personalization options, and the way that their algorithms pour sparks into the flame for an album that has high participation, Spotify has a host of features and tools that let musicians decide their own path through the platform.

And the more often you upload music and releases, the more Spotify gives you a boost by helping you connect with current fans as well as new listeners.

What is the average amount an Artist earns through Spotify?

Some 13,000 earn $50,000 per year or more just by uploading their songs. And then there’s the people who listen. Each month, 248 million people access Spotify platforms to enjoy music to music, which includes 113 million paying subscribers and “premium listeners.”

Because it is better interactive than most streaming platforms, it has more than 3 billion user-created playlists available for users to listen to. All of these factors result in Spotify the most used streaming service for audio around the world.

How do you think your reach can be to Spotify?

The truth is that Spotify is an extremely famous, world-wide music streaming service. For an unofficial number, Spotify reported 345 million active users in February 2021.

To give you an idea of the magnitude it is worth noting that the United States reported a population of 330 million users according to the census of 2019.

This means that the entire vast majority of the population is streaming music through Spotify every month.

Why do Artists need To Promote Themselves On Spotify?

For those who are musicians artists, or bandit is impossible to ignore the benefits of creating an account on Spotify. With its integrated marketing tools, you can practically become famous just by uploading your music sharing exclusive content, and engaging with your fans.

But, if you’d like to be on the average listener’s “release radar,” you must be able to master the Spotify algorithms. We’ll demonstrate how to master the Spotify algorithm.

The process of gaining traction in the market of Spotify usually requires preparation and time. Don’t rush to get your music on the platform as quickly as you can.

Yes, CD Baby can deliver an album to Spotify within just a few hours, but it’s possible to earn far more from your album by planning ahead, utilizing the appropriate tools, and showing Spotify that you’ve invested in the promotion of your own music.

Best Ways To Promote Your Music On Spotify

When you compose music, the goal is to make it available to as many people as you can. This takes a bit (and often quite a bit) of marketing knowledge.

Don’t fret if this is not your thing! If you’re looking to learn how to promote your music on Spotify follow these steps to increase the visibility of your songs on Spotify:

1. Get Your Artist Profile Verified

It is a fact that there are millions of tracks posted on Spotify each day. This is enough for anyone to claim them as “artists” and start trying to make money selling music. Some even claim to be an artist to earn money from their popularity!

To avoid this, Spotify has set up an authentication process. By following this easy step, you’ll be able to dramatically increase your credibility on the platform.

2. Ask Your Fans To Follow

If you’re performing or making music available on other platforms, you doubt have fans of one sort or other. They are your fans and should be your fans on Spotify!

To demonstrate that your music out to the world is something worth taking the time to invite your existing followers and fans to follow you on Twitter as well.

3. Promote Music On Other Social Media Platforms

In addition to other platforms, they are fantastic ways to engage with new fans. from Facebook through YouTube and beyond to Instagram and beyond There are millions of users out on the internet that you can connect with in a myriad of different ways.

This is an excellent chance to grow your following from Spotify and then (as mentioned above) make them feel welcome and follow your page.

4. Upload Music Consistently

Every social media platform requires an amount of engagement from the user’s side for them to succeed. Spotify is no exception. In order to be considered a serious music creator, you have to regularly release as well as uploading songs.

For example, you could make a playlist for the latest album and add to it with each release. It is also possible to create anticipation for one track. You decide! Keep in mind that if you want your followers to be active then you have to be as well.

5. Collaborate With Other Musicians

One of the greatest features of Spotify is it offers users the chance to interact and collaborate with artists. It doesn’t matter if you’re of the same genre or just a fan of each other’s music You can connect with your audience by collaborating in the creation of new music.

At the very end of the day, don’t be afraid to ask for help (even to larger artists). You don’t know what benefits an arrangement could provide.

6. Create Your Own Playlists

Playlists are regarded as the most effective tool for labels and artists who want to market their music. They can be classified by mood, genre, by event or occasion, etc. They can generate hundreds of millions of streaming streams from artists who are lucky enough to be selected. But, you can avoid this procedure by making your own lists using your music as the main focus.

7. Submit your song to Spotify’s editorial team

At least seven business days before your release date, log in to Spotify for Artists and use the playlist submission tool.

This step GUARANTEES placement on your followers’ Release Radar playlists.

In the notes section of the submission process, be sure to tell Spotify about:

  • what you’re doing to boost pre-saves & follows
  • your advertising budget to boost your music on Spotify
  • and any other music PR, playlist, radio, or video campaigns you’re running
  • If you don’t invest in your music, no one will!

8. Buy Spotify Plays

The most effective way to get your music noticed through Spotify is to purchase Spotify tracks at Media Mister. This is not only cost-effective, but it could assist in pushing your profile higher up and into the top of the list.

The top services offer tracks from genuine Spotify profiles that are run by real individuals. They are inaccessible from the Spotify algorithm and don’t infringe any of the terms and conditions of service.

9. Run A Spotify Pre-Save Campaign

A very intriguing ways to advertise your music using Spotify is to make use of what’s called”pre-save campaigns. “pre-save campaign.”

It gives users an incentive or reward in exchange for saving an album, song, or playlist you’re creating.

Certain artists prefer to hold actual contests, with special prizes being awarded to customers who pre-saves on the day of release. Some artists offer free music or other content for everyone. However, how you can use this for your benefit is entirely up to you.

10. Run Ads To Promote Music

In the past, Spotify introduced its own internal advertising system, dubbed appropriately as Spotify Ad Studio.

It’s user-friendly and totally self-service, which means you can design advertisements from scratch, even in the absence of expertise in audio or design. It is also possible to tailor every advertisement to the user of your choice.


If you’re planning to market your music on Spotify you should consider applying all of the suggestions that are listed above as you can. Since social media marketing isn’t an exercise that rewards patience.

It is always best to utilize any tools are needed to enhance your brand’s image, connect with new audiences as well as elevate the quality of your material beyond other content.

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