What Is A SpiritShack? How It Is Useful?

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The SpiritShack is the first of it’s kind in Spirit Reach. It is a portable device that offers individuals an opportunity to experience the same healing process that Spirit Guides uses throughout their journeys.

With an average age of around three (minimum), children and young adults can begin their own personal journey of self-discovery.


How To Use SpiritShack Accessories

Each unit comes with a phone line, a battery, ear buds, earphones, wall plugs and a book of basic hand exercises for your child. The ear buds provide a low-pitched sound that only your child can hear. When placed on either ear, these ear buds produce a low frequency sound that is not audible to other people.

The phone also vibrates, producing a soft tone, much like your cell phone. These sound waves enter into the ear and are picked up by the earphones which in turn send the sound to the receiver where the receiver is able to pick up the sound.

The phone is battery powered and will last up to eight hours. A charger is included but can be purchased separately if preferred. As mentioned earlier, SpiritShack is one unit that is suitable for use by an infant and a child.

It is also one unit that is safe for use by children as it is designed to be low-key and kid-friendly. This is accomplished by the way the phone is designed, the screen is smaller than most cell phones and the safety features incorporated into the design.


The SpiritShack – Communicate With Spirit’s

You can use the SpiritShack to connect to your Spirit Guides as well as connect to your family. The phone allows you to receive information and to communicate with your Spirit Guides. By doing so, you are able to better understand who you are in relation to your Spirit Guides. By sharing this information, you are able to better life in all ways, shape and form.

When used by a child, it is important to be prepared for some questions. It is important for the child to ask questions while on the SpiritShack in order to receive answers. Once the call has ended, the phone should be answered or put on vibrate. If a child were to lose interest in making calls, the SpiritShack should be returned to the parent.


Wrapping Up:

Overall, SpiritShack is a good gift for anyone who is interested in Spirituality and wants to experience being in total control of one’s life. SpiritShack makes communication with Spirit much easier and effective.

By using this phone, the user is able to reach their Spirit Guides and learn more about them. This phone can be used for communication between oneself and Spirit Guides as well as connecting to one’s family.

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