what is bionic reading? How to Read 2X Faster?

Bionic Reading

Reading is the most integral part of human life, from birth to death, or it is always helpful, but do you know that even today, despite having such advanced technology, most people, or say that 60-70% of people, do not read well.

I still remember when I was in the fifth standard; our teacher used to make us read the book. And believe me, despite knowing how to read, most children used to get stuck on some words. At that time, we used to think we could somehow read our book smoothly and efficiently.

But now a concept called Bionic Reading has come to the fore which makes people believe that you can read twice as fast by reading through it. In this article we will investigate this revolutionary method as well as provide actionable tips for reading faster than before.

what is bionic reading?

bionic reading

Bionic Reading Uses typographic highlights to guide you in a very advanced reading technique that leverages cutting-edge research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience to optimize the way we read.

“Bionic” is derived from the idea of merging human abilities with artificial enhancements.

– Renato Casutt

Bionic Reading was developed by Swiss designer Renato Casutt, who was inspired by the way that the human eye naturally scans text.

Principles of Bionic Reading

1. Eliminating Subvocalization:

Subvocalization is the habit of silently pronouncing words in our heads as we read. While it aids comprehension, it also slows down reading speed. Bionic Reading focuses on reducing subvocalization through various exercises and techniques, allowing the brain to process words directly, leading to increased reading speed.

2. Expanding Peripheral Vision:

Traditional reading usually involves focusing on individual words, one after the other. Bionic Reading encourages readers to expand their peripheral vision, enabling them to capture multiple words or even entire lines at once. This broader scope allows the brain to assimilate information more rapidly.

3. Utilizing Guiding Tools:

Bionic Reading employs guiding tools, such as pointer pens or finger tracking, to maintain focus and guide the eyes along the text. These tools help in avoiding regression (rereading previous text) and keeping a steady pace, leading to improved reading speed.

4. Enhancing Reading Comprehension:

Bionic Reading emphasizes the importance of comprehension alongside speed. Strategies like pre-reading, summarization, and active engagement with the text ensure that readers retain a deeper understanding of the material, even when reading at a faster pace.

What superstitions have spread about bionic reading?

A lot of misconceptions have arisen among the common people about bionic reading, some of which are as follows:

1. does bionic reading work

 Does Bionic Reading Work

Although there is a lot of research going on whether bionic reading actually works or not. Everyone has their own different opinion regarding this question. But I believe bionic reading depends on different abilities of different people.

However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of Bionic Reading techniques may vary from person to person. There is limited scientific research specifically focused on the concept of “Bionic Reading” itself, and the claims made by some proponents may be subject to skepticism.

For Example: Just as students studying in the same class get different marks, similarly bionic reading also depends on people’s reading style, their intellectual ability, and their speaking speed. Although this is my opinion; This is not a proven thing.

2. Did you know that your brain reads faster than your eyes?

Yes, that is true. The average person’s eyes can only read about 200 words per minute, but their brain can process information much faster, at about 500 words per minute. This means that the brain constantly fills in the gaps between what the eyes see and the brain understands. This is why we can often read a sentence or paragraph without seeing every word.

There are a few reasons why our brains read faster than our eyes:

  • First, our eyes only focus on a small part of the text at a time, called the foveal vision. The foveal vision is very good at picking up detail but only covers a small area. The rest of the text is seen in the peripheral vision, which could be better at picking up detail.
  • Second, our brains are very good at recognizing patterns. When we read, we are not just seeing a bunch of individual letters and words. We are also seeing the patterns that these letters and words create. This allows us to read much faster than if we had to focus on each letter and word.
  • Finally, our brains constantly fill in the gaps between what the eyes see and the brain understands. This is called “prediction.” When we read, we are constantly making predictions about the next word or sentence. This allows us to read much faster than if we had to wait for our eyes to see every word.

The ability of our brains to read faster than our eyes is a significant part of our ability to read fluently. It allows us to read quickly and efficiently without focusing on every word. This frees up our attention to focus on the meaning of the text rather than the mechanics of reading.

How to Read 2X Faster?

If we talk about how to double your reading speed, then you can follow the following tips given below which will help you to provide the best of your reading speed.

Tips for Reading 2X Faster

  • Identify Your Current Reading Habits: Start by understanding your current reading speed and habits. This will serve as a baseline for measuring your progress as you implement Bionic Reading techniques.
  • Minimize Distractions: Reading in a focused environment with minimal distractions can significantly enhance your reading speed. Find a quiet place to read where you can concentrate without interruptions.
  • Preview and Skim: Before diving into a text, preview the content by scanning headings, subheadings, and summaries. Skimming the material will give you a better understanding of the structure and main ideas, making it easier to read at a faster pace.
  • Avoid Regression: Practice not regressing or rereading passages. Trust your brain’s ability to comprehend the information without going back repeatedly.
  • Expand Peripheral Vision: Try widening your field of vision while reading. Avoid fixating on individual words, and instead, aim to grasp groups of words or even whole lines.
  • Set Realistic Goals: Aim to gradually increase your reading speed rather than trying to double it overnight. Setting achievable goals will keep you motivated and ensure steady progress.


Bionic reading is a new way of reading that will increase your reading 2x speed, although you do not need to make any major changes in your mind for this. It just helps you to say the letters as quickly as possible based on the information already processed in your mind, through the highlighted letters.

As with any skill, consistent practice and dedication are key to mastering Bionic Reading and reaping its many benefits in both personal and professional spheres. So, embark on this journey of accelerated learning and watch as your reading abilities soar to new heights.

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