What is ext on ps4 Controller?

What is ext on ps4 Controller
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Sony really did make a huge advancement when they announced their Dual Sense controller for the PlayStation 5 back in November of 2020. 2020 was definitely a tough year, but having the PS5 towards the of the year made it begin to feel a bit normal again, at the very least for me.

Although the console itself was plagued by a few bugs that Sony required to fix when it was released but the controller truly impressed buyers. But it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. PS4 is a less fun controller. Actually, there are plenty of advantages to using the PS4 controller.

It’s an excellent gadget that will stand up to years of use.

The Dual Sense controller marked a significant change, however unlike the original PlayStation until the PS4 the only thing that remained the same was the controller.

The thumbsticks and the touchpad aren’t the only things that were added later on. The majority of the time it is true that the Dual Shock controllers are easy to use. Most of the controls are clearly marked and easy to use… except for one tiny thing. You’ve likely seen it.

This port sits between the thumbsticks and below the PS button. That’s a good thing. It’s actually EXT acronym, which is an abbreviated version of “extension”. The mysterious port is one that even the most avid gamers have only used once and pay no focus over the years.

What’s the point?

Please allow me a few moments of your time to educate you.


What is ext on ps4 Controller?

The EXT port on the PS4 controller is a 3.5mm audio jack that allows you to connect your headphones directly to the controller. This is a convenient way to use headphones with your PS4, as it allows you to avoid having to connect them to the console itself. The port is located on the bottom of the controller, near the L2 button.

If you’re using headphones that have a mic attached, you can also use the mic to chat with other players while gaming. To do this, simply connect the mic to the controller’s EXT port and then select the “Chat” option in your game’s settings menu. You’ll then be able to hear other players through your headphones and speak to them using the mic.

If you’re not using headphones with a mic, you can still use the controller’s EXT port to listen to game audio. To do this, simply connect your headphones to the controller and then adjust the volume using the buttons on the controller. You can also mute the game audio by pressing the “mute” button on the controller.

So, that’s what the EXT port on the PS4 controller is for. It’s a convenient way to use headphones with your PS4, and it can also be used to chat with other players or to listen to game audio.

What Is Ext On PS4 Controller? – [2022 Explained!]

There is a PS4 Dual Shock controller’s EXT port that allows users to connect external devices. You can connect headphones, triggers, thumb grips, keyboards, or a charge station port. It is accessible in between two of the thumbsticks just below the touchpad and PS logo.

How do I know what the EXT port is to be used for?

What is what goes into the EXT that appears on your PS4 controller?

What are the best ways to use a charge station or keyboard or a headset using the controller? Do you really need to make use of this frequently overlooked port?

Find out more about the purposes and functions of EXT and the reasons to think about using it to enhance your gaming.


What is EXT on the PS4 controller means?

  • EXT is the abbreviation used to describe“extension” “extension”.
  • This is where you can connect the cables of various external devices.

You can connect USB-C cables or plug them into a keyboard, headphones, or headset. You can also plug in additional trigger grips or thumbs as well as a keyboard or charger.

I’ve heard people mention connecting it to the PlayStation VR extension cord.

It’s true that despite being under-appreciated this port is actually quite useful and can be used for a variety of applications. If you align it exactly, the PS4 controller will connect directly to the charging station in this manner.

Let’s see how you can utilize this adapter port to extend your capabilities.


How To Use It As a Charging Station?

Do you want to utilize this frequently ignored port? Try connecting it to the charging station to power the controller.

In contrast to the USB-C cables that are included with your controller, you are able to make use of this charging station to charge multiple controllers simultaneously.

If you are a devoted player or invite friends who come over for a game it could help.

This means that you don’t have to keep cords in abundance It is the safest option for those who have children or pets that bite cords.

It is safe to put the charger and controller up on a desk or table to ensure they are safe when charging.


How To Add a Keyboard

There are plenty of serious gamers online playing mini keyboards and controllers.

You may have wondered how they came up with these tiny keyboards that connect.

Now you are aware, they used EXT port! EXT port!

If you’re playing any of the games with chat functions This keyboard will be useful (ahem I’m sure you’re thinking of the pun) even if you don’t own an audio device or don’t want to be heard by other players.

You can type messages in games by using this keyboard mini.

For instance, if taking part in GTA Online, you could utilize this keyboard to quickly communicate with your teammates.

Of course, the buttons are tiny, which means it will be difficult to type when you have large fingers.

And there’s no autocorrect function, so you’ll need to make use of the back function in order to correct any typos.


How To Use Headphones Or a Headset

How To Use Headphones Or a Headset

Headphones and headsets may both be connected using EXT.

If you own an old model which does not make use of Bluetooth then you’ll need to connect your microphone or headphones with the EXT.

Although they aren’t typically sold in the marketplace you can buy headphones and wired headsets at eBay, Amazon, and other online retailers, or through retailers via Facebook Marketplace.

You won’t likely be able to connect Xbox-compatible headsets using the EXT port, however.


Does it make sense to make use of the EXT?

The EXT port isn’t as popular or has as many applications today as it did just six or seven years ago.

Many gadgets are now wireless because of the advancements in Bluetooth technology.

Unfortunately, the value for EXT port has become a bit of a joke. EXT port has been reduced and the majority of people ignore the port’s existence anymore.


Does EXT work with PlayStation VR?

I’ve only heard of people talking about connecting an extension adapter to PSVR into the EXT port on their controller. PSVR to the EXT port on the controller.

It is possible to test it and see if it is effective but the majority of people take the standard way of using a USB cable and then connect the USB to the back of the processor.


what is the ext button on ps4 controller?

The ext button on the PlayStation 4 controller is a multifunctional button that provides additional control options for games. It can be used to pause and resume gameplay, access in-game menus, or even take screenshots.

In some cases, it may also be used to control game audio. The exact function of the button may vary depending on the game you’re playing. For example, in some games, it may be used to bring up a map, while in others it may be used to cycle through different weapon types.

The button is located on the top of the controller, near the left shoulder button. It is labeled with the word “ext” to indicate its extended function.


what is the ext port on DualShock 4?

what is the ext port on DualShock 4

The Ext port on the PS4 controller is a 3.5mm audio jack that is used for connecting headphones or other audio devices to the controller. This port can be found on the bottom of the controller, in between the L2 and R2 buttons.

Headphones that are compatible with the PS4 controller will plug into this port and will allow you to hear game audio and chat with other players through the headset. Some headsets also have a microphone that can be used for voice chat. If your headphones do not have a microphone, you can still use them to listen to game audio, but you will not be able to speak to other players.

The Ext port is also used for connecting the PS4 controller to other devices, such as a PS4 console or a PC. If you want to use your PS4 controller with a PS4 console, you will need to connect it using the Ext port. To do this, you will need to plug one end of a USB cable into the Ext port on the controller, and the other end into the USB port on the console. Once the controller is connected, you will be able to use it to play games on the console.

If you want to use your PS4 controller with a PC, you will need to connect it using either a USB cable or Bluetooth. To connect the controller using Bluetooth, you will need to press and hold the PS button and the Share button simultaneously until the controller’s light starts flashing. Then, you will need to put your PC into Bluetooth discovery mode and select the “Wireless Controller” option when it appears. Once the controller is connected, you will be able to use it to play games on your PC.

The Ext port can also be used to charge the PS4 controller. To do this, you will need to plug one end of a USB cable into the Ext port on the controller, and the other end into a power source, such as a USB port on a PS4 console or a PC. The controller will begin charging as soon as it is connected to the power source.


Closing Thoughts:

In terms of the EXT port is concerned it is certain to remain among the components that are most often overlooked on Dual Shock controllers. Dual Shock controllers. For a long time, it served a purpose. But, since Bluetooth is such a huge technology, it’s to be a bit insignificant.

There are plenty of ways to use it, whether you’re connecting an old mini-keyboard or wired headphone set that’s been lying around for a while. It’ll still work in the way it’s supposed to, and it’s not completely useless.

Do you have any questions about the EXT port on the PS4 controller? Let us know in the comments below!

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