What is Meeting Room Booking Software?

What is Meeting Room Booking Software
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Due to the pandemic, we are all witnessing a transition in work modules. And as we adapt to hybrid workplaces, the memory of being in the office 9 to 5 every working day seems to be fading. But hybrid setups require software to operate at their optimal level. This includes desk booking, parking management, etc.

However, the most crucial one has to be meeting room booking software. This is so because any hybrid workplace requires active collaboration, high productivity, and effective space utilization to succeed, which is precisely what a meeting room booking software provides.

So, what is meeting room booking software?

Meeting room booking software is essentially used to find and book conference rooms, manage work schedules, check amenities as well as automate the sanitization process. By doing so, a meeting room booking software not only simplifies the booking process but also eliminates the guesswork that comes with scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling meeting rooms.

Moreover, companies can keep a tab on room occupancy, vacancy, time, and utilization with meeting room booking software.

How To Use Meeting Room Booking Software

  • A user is supposed to sign in through their desktop or mobile in order to check the availability of a suitable meeting room.
  • The next step is to make a contactless reservation online for an available and well-suited room.
  • After the online reservation is complete, the user has to send out invites specifying meeting purposes as well as the seating capacity. And, if one has to pre-register the guests, the user has to provide them access to the room in a locked period.
  • Furthermore, the user also has the option to mention specific details about safety prerequisites, including face mask compliance, temperature checks, etc., in the invite.
  • Finally, invited employees check in to the booked meeting room. And as soon as the meeting ends, the user can initiate the sanitization process to clean the room.

In a situation wherein an employee/ member does not check-in, the meeting room booking software will automatically cancel their seating.

Moreover, if employees decide to reschedule the meeting, they have the option to choose a time and date depending on the room’s availability.

The software can also help in reserving amenities like projectors, sanitizers, and notepads.


What Are The Advantages Of Meeting Room Booking Software?

1. A Meeting Room Booking Software Enhances Space Utilization

A hybrid workplace goes hand in hand with saving space. Due to the traditional work setups, nearly all organizations fail to use their space efficiently. And for this reason, meeting rooms remain unutilized 75% of the day.

So, in a typical 9 to 5 workday, a meeting room remains empty for about 5 hours. The impact of the same is double on hybrid setups because offices are more vacant on particular days of the week. But if you have a meeting room booking software, you can get information regarding which room is being used and when.

Because you get a clear picture of the usage of meeting rooms, making adjustments in real-time becomes easy. A meeting room booking software also allows you to keep a check on no-shows, so you can make sure that the rooms are exhausted to their full capacity.


2. A Meeting Room Booking Software Simplifies Booking Steps and Cuts Cost Drastically

Believe it or not, there’s a heavy cost that you need to pay for allowing poor communication in your organization.

Misappropriation of resources and lack of time management can potentially harm your organization financially. And for this reason, professional communication has to be highly effective. Hybrid setups thrive on productive communication among the members of the organization.

But how does one ensure effective communication within a hybrid setup? By minimizing booking steps and removing the unnecessary ones. Simplifying booking steps is one of the easiest ways to cut down the overall business cost.

This is where meeting room booking software saves the day! Once a user has completed an online reservation, the software informs the location and time all the members invited. Any abrupt changes can also be easily communicated through the software.

Since members aren’t caught up with mundane tasks, they have time to pay attention to the important ones. So, having efficient meeting room booking software saves uptime and cost.


3. A Meeting Room Booking Software Significantly Boosts Employee Productivity

Since the pandemic, an average employee has to attend at least three meetings per day, which counts to a total of 60 meetings in a month. A good amount of time is wasted just setting up meetings which decrease productivity levels.

Double-booked rooms, canceled meetings and miscommunicated meeting locations can further affect the overall efficiency of teams. As mentioned earlier, hybrid setups thrive on productivity which is why meeting room booking software is essential as it does the job for you.

With less time wasted, employees can be more collaborative and productive during their working hours.

Do you want to adopt a hybrid setup?

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